Top marks for Summer 2017 marking

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99.2% of our grades were accurate on results day

It won’t surprise you to know that behind the scenes our teams of experts are working tirelessly to deliver high quality, accessible assessments to you and your students. It may surprise you to know Pearson had fewer GCSE and A level grades challenged and subsequently changed in 2017 than any other major exam board, giving you even more confidence and trust in the results your students receive from us. 

Research from Ofqual across all exam boards shows that the summer 2017 exam results released by Pearson, across all GCSE and A level subjects, were the most accurate of all, with fewer Pearson GCSE and A level grades being challenged and fewer grades being changed than any other major exam board.

We know how important it is to you that exam boards provide students with fair and accurate results. Each year we strive to ensure that our question papers are marked accurately, first time - so that when results are released you and your students can have trust in the grades received and they can progress to the next step on their chosen pathway.

We have been focused on implementing the new Ofqual marking guidance correctly and have supported you with post-results services, including EAR2 priority for GCSE and our Free Access to Scripts service which was introduced to help schools save money by reviewing and selecting which grades to challenge.

We are committed to continue to help you really understand the assessment requirements, increasing that transparency, and ultimately giving you and your students greater confidence in the accuracy of marking.

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