How do I get on to a BTEC Apprenticeship?

Find out the ways you can apply for an apprenticeship, whether you’re a school leaver or just looking to try something new.

BTEC Apprenticeships are a great next step for your career. You’ll need to be 16 or over to apply.

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There are a number of different ways you can get onto a BTEC Apprenticeship:

1. Search for vacancies

You can search for current apprenticeship vacancies through many job search sites. Find out where to start looking through our Next Steps page.

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2. FE Colleges

FE Colleges work with local employers to source job vacancies and match apprentices to those jobs. You could contact your local Further Education (FE) College to see what apprenticeships are available by checking out their website, or contacting them directly.

3. Training Providers

There are a number of local training providers in your area who will work with employers to take on apprentices. You can find them through your local connexions office, through the National Apprenticeships Service and also through local advertisements and postings.

4. Employers

A number of well-known large UK-based employers often recruit apprentices directly. For instance, BT and Flybe have a direct recruitment programme for apprentices. To apply directly to a large employer, there are a number of routes to follow:

  • Search for a company you are interested in working for and check the recruitment areas of their website
  • Keep your eye on the local jobs seen through newspapers and recruitment websites
  • Write directly to an organisation enquiring if they would be willing to take you on as an apprentice

Find out about the different types of jobs for apprentices.

Jobs you could do

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