Onscreen platforms

Our onscreen testing software, Promissor, delivers onscreen assessments via computers for Pearson BTEC Technical Certificates and Functional Skills qualifications. It's made up of two components, Enterprise Site Manager (ESM) and Administrator.

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You can deliver tests in a classroom environment and give flexibility to your learners by using laptops.

Before installing the software, please read our technical requirements and step-by-step instructions below.


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Top FAQs for onscreen testing

There are a number of reasons you may not be able to log into ESM. However, please check the following:

  1. Your internet connection. You will not be able to log in to ESM without a working internet connection.
  2. Your password. Please ensure that you are entering your username and password accurately. If you enter your password incorrectly three times, you will automatically be sent a new password.

Check that you have a working internet connection. Tests will not appear if you are offline. Another possible reason is that tests have not been booked. Please check that tests have been booked for a specific time and venue ID on Edexcel Online.

It could also be that tests were booked less than two hours ago. For all Pearson tests, please allow two hours from the time of booking for the tests to appear in ESM server.

Make sure the exam has been unlocked in ESM first. If this hasn't been done first, the learner won't be able to log in to their test.

Another possible reason could be that the username and/or password for the learner is incorrect. Please check the learner's username and password on Edexcel Online and try again.