Last updated 15 May 2015
We’ve received a number of comments about a screenshot of a Snapchat picture, which was circulated on social media earlier this week.  

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The image in question appears to show the cover of our C1 Maths exam paper with the caption ‘It begins’. We understand that this has caused concerns for some students, so we want to respond.

How could someone get a picture of the cover of an exam paper while it is being taken?

It's not clear if this tweet is evidence of cheating, but we’d like to remind you that possession of a mobile phone in a exam is a breach of the rules that we agree with the other awarding organisations.

We work with our schools and colleges to make sure that they are aware of their duty to maintain the integrity of our exams and the rules set out by exam boards in the JCQ Instructions for Conducting Examinations.

Before your exam starts, your invigilator will give you a final verbal reminder that you can’t have a mobile phone or any other unauthorised materials with you, even if you don’t intend to use them. They will give you a final opportunity to hand in anything you shouldn’t have. Anyone breaking this rule may have penalties applied, which include not being issued with a result or being banned from taking our exams in the future.

Was the exam paper leaked?

We always investigate any allegation of malpractice or breach of security that is put to us. In this instance, there is no evidence to suggest that anyone had access to the exam paper before the exam.