ePEN2 stands for electronic Performance Evaluation Network. It's an online system which displays questions from scanned scripts for examiners to access and mark from home. Senior Examiners have access to real time monitoring, quality control, reporting and other functionality to support marking supervision.

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Accessing ePEN2 for the first time

ePEN2 accounts are issued for every role that you have been contracted to mark as (e.g. Marker, Team Leader, Principal, etc.) Your account will remain active whilst you continue to mark for Pearson and you should use it for each exam series that you are subsequently contracted. 

You will receive an email asking you to set up your account as follows:

  1. Go to the ePEN2 site.
  2. Select Setup your login.
  3. Enter your Login ID. This is your AA number plus a suffix (if you are a supervisor) and your email address as stored in Gateway.
  4. Answer a set of four security questions which will allow you to reset your password should you need to in future.
  5. Create a password.
  6. You should begin to familiarise yourself with the platform via the DEMO account and review turorials and guidance contained on this site.

The papers you have been contracted to mark will become available roughly 48 hours after the examination has been sat.

Read our system requirements guide to confirm you have the required operating systems for ePEN2:

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Familiarising yourself with ePEN2

All markers have access a demo area within ePEN2 where you can faminiarise yourself with the system functionality using historical papers. Please be aware that these papers may not be for the subject or qualification for which you have been contracted.