Degree Course Finder

Our Degree Course Finder (DCF) tool has been created for students studying a Pearson qualification (Edexcel, BTEC or LCCI) who are looking for progression options to university. The DCF also guides parents, teachers, and school support staff to help students make informed decisions.

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The DCF shows you universities around the world that have confirmed that they recognise Pearson qualifications:

  • A level
  • International Advanced Level (IAL)
  • BTEC
  • LCCI (coming soon).

There are several ways you can use the DCF:

  • Search by qualification to find out where your Pearson qualification can take you
  • Search by country if you want to study in a specific location
  • Search by university if you know where you’d like to complete your degree
  • Search by course if you have a Level 5 or Level 7 BTEC HND qualification and you know the university course you want to take.

You can use the DCF before, during or after completing your Pearson course to help you plan your next steps. 

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