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Subject update | 15 March 2023

Security update - March 2023

An update on everything new within the Security and Protective Services sector.

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Centre Details to the SIA

We have been asked to confirm up-to-date centre contact details for the SIA. This information will be used to populate the 'Search for a Training Provider' facility on the SIA website. All current listings on the SIA website will be removed, so if you wish to appear on the Training Provider list on the SIA website please ensure you complete this form by 31 March, 2023. 

Test Inspections

As you are aware, under the requirements of Get Training, “training centres must allow the SIA to inspect/audit training, delivery and assessment at any time and without notice.” To facilitate unannounced SIA visits and inspections, Awarding Organisations are required to share course details and test booking information with the SIA.

Please be advised that all details on test booking notifications submitted to us will be shared with the SIA in the event that they wish to conduct an unannounced visit to your centre, including:

  • Test venue
  • Test Manager name and contact details
  • Course name and start date
  • Test date and start/end times 
  • Anticipated number of learners

Should the SIA need assistance to gain access to a test venue they will contact the Test Manager on the contact details provided.  Centres are reminded that they must co-operate with the SIA and ensure that the Test Manager is contactable for the duration of the scheduled test(s).  We reserve the right to take appropriate action if centres are found to be conducting tests at venues or times other than those indicated on the test notification form, or if test inspectors (from both Pearson and the SIA) are unable to gain access to the test venue at the stated test time.

AO – SIA Information Sharing

In addition to the test information that is shared with the SIA as outlined above, all AOs offering licence-linked qualifications are required to enter into an information sharing agreement with the SIA. This means that the SIA can request information from AOs in order to maintain public safety and/or facilitate the investigation of reported incidents of suspected or proven malpractice concerning training providers and/or individual learners. Data items to be shared 

The following information may be shared between the parties under the information sharing agreement: 

  • Company contact details
  • Learner contact details
  • Learner identification documentation
  • Learner qualification details 
  • Information regarding an individual’s licence or licence application 
  • Information regarding incidents or allegations concerning training providers and/or individual learners
  • Disclosable intelligence held e.g. information obtained from police, SIA investigators, Awarding Organisation investigators, training providers or the general public.  

New Exemplar Workbook for Working as Vehicle Immobiliser within the Private Security Industry

We have updated the exemplar workbook for Unit 1 within the Vehicle Immobiliser qualification. The content remains the same but the format has been updated. We have also now included a space for the Internal Verifier signature at the back of the workbook. Please ensure you download this updated version and that IV signatures are recorded in the appropriate place for all new learners.

The new workbook can be downloaded from the Teaching and Learning Materials tab of the Vehicle Immobiliser Course Materials page here: Working as a Vehicle Immobiliser within the Private Security Industry (L2) - 2022 | Course Materials.

SIA Content Withdrawn

The SIA has asked us to advise you that their publication ‘SIA Trans customers: A guide for door supervisors’ has been withdrawn.  


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