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Subject update | 23 January 2023

A diverse future for GCSE Design and Technology

Following our research into the subject of D&T, we have identified that our GCSE Design and Technology (9-1) course specification lacks a wide and representative list of designers from which students can not only seek inspiration within their chosen subject area, but also seek inspiration from individuals who provide a clear representation of the diverse people who work and influence the design industry here in the UK.

We have therefore updated our short list of 8 designers and design related organisations, to become a list of 41 named designers and organisations. The list, which is linked below, provides choice for every material specialism and has been built to ensure that all parts of the UK are represented, alongside a broader commitment we have made to include designers of more diverse backgrounds. The GCSE specification has been updated so that teachers of D&T can easily engage with our enhanced designer list.

This update is for first teaching September 2023, however students can use these materials in their investigation/research from now. 

We have included designers who have influenced major moments in history, designers we believe represent a future for the subject and industry, and designers who are challenging perceptions of the subjects’ value to society.

We will continue to refresh this list during the lifetime of the GCSE, and expect that each year, students studying the subject will pick at least 2 designers that resonate with them and the context in which they are experiencing the subject.

We have produced easy to use PDF worksheets to download, print and give to students, with questions that encourage the research and exploration of each designer, based on their work and recent achievements.

We will monitor feedback from teachers, and add further support if needed, to ensure that teachers have the tools needed to support students of D&T in the very best way possible.


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