Pearson Assured

Pearson Assured (formerly Edexcel Assured) is an independent benchmark for organisations that have training or learning programmes designed for in-house delivery and assessment.

With a strong track record in developing qualifications and carrying out regular quality assurance on our own learning programmes, Pearson is ideally placed to ensure your systems and processes are thoroughly developed and properly executed. 

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How it works

Our Quality Advisors carry out very thorough assessments of your quality systems before awarding Pearson Assured status. You’ll need to supply evidence to support your centre’s quality systems against each objective so that our Quality Advisors can review your centre against our quality measures.

We’ll follow this up with a visit to your centre to complete the review. After this, you will be granted Pearson Assured status, subject to an annual audit process.

We have the right not to award Pearson Assured status or to withdraw the Pearson Assured brand if serious quality issues are found.

How do I become a Pearson Assured centre?

Contact your local representative to discuss your requirements. Our representative will help you decide if Pearson Assured is right for you, and will be your point of reference and guide you through the approval process. 

We’ll send you the relevant Pearson Assured Guidance and Policy Documents, including the Pearson Assured application form for you to complete and return to

One of our Quality Advisors will visit your organisation to conduct a review of your quality management system. 

  • If all quality measures are met, you’ll receive a letter confirming your Pearson Assured Status immediately for 1 year, as well as marketing information and files for using the Pearson logo.

  • If not all quality measures are met, we’ll work with you to improve quality systems to achieve Pearson Assured status, which will follow a second site visit.
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