End-point assessment

We offer a full range of assessment services to support the diverse requirements of the apprenticeships standards.

You can use Pearson as your end-point assessment organisation regardless of whether you choose to use our on-programme offer or not. 

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Our end-point assessment service

As an SFA-approved Assessment Organisation we provide a full range of assessment services to support the diverse requirements of the apprenticeships standards. 

The apprentice will undertake the two end-point assessments:

  • A Knowledge Test
  • Professional Discussion underpinned by a portfolio

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A Knowledge Test -The Knowledge Test is an onscreen test that will assess the apprentice’s knowledge and understanding across all areas of the Apprenticeship Standard, in line with the

Assessment Plan requirements. A knowledge test is a controlled assessment which consists of a series of questions in which apprentices are asked to provide a response. It is an accurate and reliable way of assessing those knowledge elements which have a clear correct/incorrect response.

The Test consists of 40 closed response questions and the apprentices will have a maximum of 60 minute to complete the test. 


The apprentice must answer correctly a minimum of 26 questions for a pass. Of the 26 questions answered correctly, these must include a 3 of 5 questions relating to K5, and 3 of 5 questions relating to K8.

Professional Discussion underpinned by a portfolio - A professional discussion is a two-way discussion which involves both the independent assessor and the apprentice actively listening and participating in a formal conversation.

It gives the apprentice the opportunity to make detailed and proactive contributions to confirm their competency across the KSBs mapped to this method. As the apprentice will have successfully completed a number of direct observations of practice during the Early Years Practitioner Qualification, questioning will focus on the apprentice’s depth and breadth of understanding, skills and behaviours with the apprentice using their portfolio of evidence (including videoed evidence) to support their responses as necessary..

The Professional discussion will last for a maximum of 90 minutes

Grading Fail/Pass/Distinction