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BTEC Learning for Life was originally developed as a result of the long-term partnership between Student Coaching Ltd and Colmers School, Birmingham. 

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This innovative programme provides a wealth of online teaching and learning resources and has become a paradigm for transformational and sustainable whole school improvement.

Our BTEC Learning for Life qualifications were developed to complement this programme, providing a framework of learning skills across the whole school curriculum.

BTEC Learning for Life can be delivered as a stand-alone qualification by any centre, subject to approval from Pearson. However, centres offering the additional Learning for Life programme from Student Coaching Ltd will benefit from the following:

  • There’s a wealth of online teaching and learning resources, and learning solutions.
  • The assessment criteria, for which learners gather evidence, are derived from TRICs – Team, Reflective, Independent, Creative Learning skills. To complete the qualification at each level learners simply gather evidence to demonstrate each of the 16 competencies associated with the four TRICS. 
  • Centres offering the Learning for Life programme can choose how they gather evidence for the BTEC courses. It could be achieved during their Learning for Life curriculum time, or across all subjects, or both, depending on what is most appropriate for the centre.
  • By creating a portfolio of evidence for the TRICs competencies at each level, learners will witness their own improvement, reinforcing their progress and giving them a bank of work they can feel proud of.
  • Parents will love it too! The portfolio of evidence required will help demonstrate the positive outcomes of the Learning for Life programme.
  • Employers and admissions officers from colleges and universities will find that the skills young people acquire through Learning for Life complement their own recruitment requirements.

Student Coaching Ltd was founded in 2004 by Mark Penny and David Butlin. It was created to coach life skills to students and teachers in schools, colleges and work-based learning providers. They have worked in collaboration with educators to develop transformation programmes that deliver whole school change.

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