About BTEC Learning for Life

Find out more about our BTEC Learning for Life courses, giving learners the skills they need for education, work and life.

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What are BTEC Learning for Life qualifications?

BTEC Learning for Life is a learning programme built on the principle that education should be about raising aspirations and developing life skills as well as earning qualifications.

On our BTEC Learning for Life courses, students will engage in learning that is relevant to them, adopting new skills, ideas, approaches and attitudes to help them throughout their school lives and into the future.

BTEC Learning for Life focuses on 4 different types of learning skills:

  • Team learning
  • Reflective learning 
  • Independent learning
  • Creative learning.

For learners aged 14 and above, the qualifications are designed to be taken alongside a programme of learning, and can be delivered discretely or embedded within other courses.

Why take BTEC Learning for Life?

Whatever your ability, your learning will improve when you can apply your own knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to a subject. The skills you’ll acquire on our BTEC Learning for Life courses can be applied to any subject, helping you to improve your results across the curriculum.

You’ll learn to recognise and reflect upon your own experiences and abilities, building the skills required for success in job interviews and to work independently in further and higher education.

How is the qualification structured?

BTEC Learning for Life Certificates are available at four levels – Entry 3, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

They are accredited on the QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework), which means learners receive credits for the units they complete.

At each level, a minimum of 16 credits are required for learners to achieve the qualification.  

Unit number Unit name Credits GLH*
1 Developing skills for team learning 4 40
2 Developing skills for reflective learning 4 40
3 Developing skills for independent learning 4 40
4 Developing skills for creative learning 4 40

All learners are required to complete the above four mandatory units. The assessment criteria for each level builds upon the previous level, encouraging continual improvement and progression. It also allows learners to aim for a higher level and ‘drop down’ if required, but still be rewarded for the work they have done.

For the qualification to be achieved at a particular level, a minimum of 12 credits must be awarded at that level. For a learner to receive a Level 2 Certificate, for example, 12 of the credits must be at Level 2 and the remaining four units can be at other levels.

*GLH - Guided Learning Hours. This is the maximum expected time to complete, including all directed study (classroom, homework, preparation and activity work, plus supervised extracurricular activities).

How will I be assessed?

All units within our BTEC Learning for Life qualifications are internally assessed. To pass, a learner must successfully achieve all the assessment criteria. However, it is not a requirement that all evidence be in the form of assignments.

Evidence can be paper-based or in an eportfolio. A range of media can be provided, including videos, references and letters. Evidence can be collected or witnessed from sources outside of school or college, such as a parent/guardian, employer or coach, as long as it is verified by a teacher in the centre.