About LCCI Diplomas

Find out about the range of LCCI Diplomas - what types are available, what they're worth, and what you can go on to do once you've achieved them.

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What are LCCI Diplomas?

LCCI Diplomas are a recognised, effective way of combining subjects in related fields to create a comprehensive demonstration of ability, skills and knowledge. Some mandatory modules in our Diplomas allow progression to ACCA and CIMA professional qualifications.

There are 3 types of LCCI Diploma:

  • Diplomas
  • Group diplomas
  • Specialised diplomas.

Read more about the different types of LCCI Diploma.

Who are they for?

LCCI Diplomas are suitable for learners who have a general interest in business-related activities and who want to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills across a broad range of introductory subjects.

Why work towards an LCCI Diploma?

LCCI Diplomas highlight your employability. They showcase your expertise in a particular field of study, and demonstrate your commitment to learning and development.

How will I be assessed?

You are assessed on the individual qualifications that make up the Diploma. On successful completion of these, you can apply for your Diploma. See the individual LCCI qualifications for more details on assessment.

Does it matter what subjects I take?

To complete an LCCI Diploma, you need to meet all the specified criteria. To see the requirements for a particular Diploma, choose the Diploma you're interested in from the LCCI subjects page.

How do I apply for a Diploma?

If you meet the criteria for an LCCI Diploma, get your school or college to download an application form from the Diploma support page.