About LCCI qualifications

Find out about the LCCI family of business-related qualifications, where they fit, what they're worth, and what you can go on to do once you've achieved them.

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What are LCCI qualifications?

LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry) International Qualifications are designed to deliver the skills essential for success in today’s demanding commercial environment. By matching business skills to employers’ requirements and providing reliable evidence of candidates’ abilities, they receive international recognition from employers, educational institutes and professional bodies worldwide.

The LCCI brand has been renowned for over 100 years. ​Available in more than 80 countries, these international qualifications are supported by extensive learning resources and easy online administration.

What qualifications are available?

LCCI is a flexible qualifications programme with examinations at various levels, enabling you to enter at the level that's most appropriate for you. Diplomas and Group Awards are also available to allow you to add to your marketable skills and, in many cases, receive professional status.

The subject areas covered by LCCI qualifications are:

Find out more about the different LCCI levels and what they're equivalent to.

What are LCCI Diplomas?

LCCI Diplomas are made up of a group of LCCI qualifications. There are 3 categories:

  • Diplomas
  • Group diplomas
  • Specialised diplomas.

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Top questions about LCCI qualifications

All LCCI qualifications are highly regarded by employers across the globe.

In addition:

  • LCCI Level 2 qualifications are usually the recommended entry requirements for jobs.

  • LCCI Level 3 qualifications are suitable if you're planning to go to university or progress to professional qualifications. They enable you to work independently or supervise and train others in your field of work.

  • LCCI Level 4 qualifications allow you to become a specialist in your area of learning or work.


LCCI qualifications are assessed in a variety of ways, depending on the curriculum of your particular qualification. You can find more details in the specification, which you'll find on the relevant qualification subject page.  

This will largely depend on what you want to do next. If you have a particular aim in mind, check the skills and pathways you'll need to achieve it. If you want to obtain an LCCI Diploma, review the requirements of each Diploma.

Find out more about where LCCI qualifications can take you.

LCCI qualifications give you a range of options. If you're studying at Level 3 or below, you can progress to the next level of related subjects. You could also do more subjects at the same level to qualify for a Diploma, or apply your new skills in the workplace.

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