Teaching support

Find out about the comprehensive support we offer to help you deliver our Entry and Level 1 Programmes.

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Teaching materials

You’ll find qualification-specific materials in the course materials for individual specifications. In addition, here are some of the other teaching resources that are available.

Learner-centred planning

Our brochure contains useful tips on how to identify your learners' needs, build personalised programmes to meet their requirements, find support and much more.

We've also designed information sheets for each of our four typical learner groups: Stretch, Leap, Reach and Grow. These sheets include information on:

  • suggested programmes of study
  • progression routes
  • key new government initiatives.

Brochure with learner profiles

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Activity pack

Our activity pack for Entry and Level 1 learners includes a range of practical activities split across different vocational sectors.

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Support for Functional Skills

We have an extensive support package of free and published resources to help you deliver Functional Skills.

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We offer a national training programme of courses and bespoke training courses, delivered on-site at your centre, where we can address your specific delivery needs.

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Our training podcasts cover various aspects of planning or delivering a learning programme for Entry and Level 1 learners. Each module is also accompanied by supporting documentation.

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