Onscreen assessment

90% of learners at our onscreen pilot centres wanted their school to offer onscreen assessment for English exams in the future.

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Starting in summer 2023, Pearson Edexcel centres will be able to offer onscreen assessment for their International GCSE English Language A and International GCSE English Literature students.

Underpinned by years of research, a track record of millions of onscreen assessments taken in different forms worldwide, and our successful onscreen pilot of International GCSE exam in 2022, this exciting development:

  • offers the opportunity for a more engaging, personalised assessment experience
  • supports accessibility and inclusion for all students, especially those with SEND
  • harnesses technology that builds on the digital skills learners already have and will use in future study and the world of work
  • delivers a consistent and fully supported exam experience, aligning with our tried-and-tested mocks service platform.

Visit the English onscreen assessment page to find out more