Updated Pearson Edexcel International GCSE (9–1) qualifications (first teaching from 2016 and 2017)

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Redeveloping our International GCSEs has ensured we meet the needs of today’s learners to support their progression to universities and employment worldwide.

We’ve also introduced more international content topics and the use of local contexts where possible, making our International GCSE even more relevant and engaging for students around the world, allowing for learning in a local context to a global standard.

With A Levels and International Advanced Levels (IAL) also going through a period of reform, it was also important to ensure that the new International GCSEs continued to support progression to these new qualifications.

There are different final assessment dates across subjects and depending on whether you are based in the UK or internationally, therefore it is important that you transition to the new specification at the right time.

Find out when the final assessment date is for your subject

Subject First assessment date
New specification
Final assessment date
Current specification
English Literature Optional: June 2018 or Jan 2019 or June 2019 January 2019
English Language A Optional: June 2018 or Jan 2019 or June 2019 January 2019
English Language B Optional: June 2018 or Jan 2019 or June 2019 January 2019
Mathematics A Optional: June 2018 or Jan 2019 or June 2019 January 2019
Mathematics B Optional: June 2018 or Jan 2019 or June 2019 January 2019
Accounting June 2019 January 2019
Arabic 1st Language June 2019 January 2019
Art and Design June 2019 June 2018
Bangladesh Studies June 2019 June 2018
Bengali June 2019 January 2019
Biology June 2019 January 2019
Business Studies June 2019 June 2018
Chemistry June 2019 January 2019
Chinese June 2019 June 2018
Classical Arabic N/A June 2019
Commerce June 2019 January 2019
Computer Science June 2019 N/A
Double Award Science June 2019 January 2019
Economics June 2019 January 2019
English as a Second Language June 2019 June 2018
French June 2019 June 2018
Further Pure Mathematics June 2019 January 2019
Geography June 2019 June 2018
German June 2019 June 2018
Global Citizenship June 2019 June 2018
Modern Greek (to be re-titled: Greek 1st Language) June 2019 June 2018
Gujarati N/A June 2019
Hindi N/A June 2018
History June 2019 June 2018
Human Biology June 2019 January 2019
ICT June 2019 June 2018
Islamiyat June 2019 June 2018
Pakistan Studies June 2019 June 2018
Physics June 2019 January 2019
Religious Studies June 2019 June 2018
Single Award Combined Science June 2019 N/A
Sinhala June 2019 June 2018
Spanish June 2019 June 2018
Swahili June 2019 June 2018
Tamil June 2019 June 2018
Turkish N/A June 2019

We have refreshed the content and made some level of change to each qualification, therefore it is important that you are familiar with these changes for your subject. We have created a range of free support materials and training events to help you understand these changes.

Explore all of our subjects and the support available for each

The new International GCSEs will use the new 9–1 grading scale from first assessment. The scale was introduced to the Ofqual regulated GCSEs by the UK government, and it is important to ensure that our qualifications continue to remain comparable to GCSEs. The new scale is designed to allow greater differentiation of ability across the range of grades, and will reward outstanding performance with the new grade 9.

Understand the benefits of the new grading scale, and how to explain the changes to your students and parents using our materials and videos.

We are supporting students to develop a range of transferable skills (such as problem solving, critical thinking, leadership and collaboration) as part of their International GCSE curriculum. These skills will ensure that students are better equipped to access higher levels of academic study, and will be able to demonstrate highly sought after skills to their future employers.

Find out more about transferable skills

We are pleased to offer a range of qualifications to ensure that our customers in the UK and internationally can choose according to their needs and contexts. We have recently reformed our GCSE and International GCSE qualifications, with students around the world experiencing new programmes and assessments.

We ensure comparability between assessment demand, performance outcomes, and, where appropriate, the knowledge and skills developed by students. We use a consistent approach to designing, developing and awarding GCSEs and International GCSEs - so that you can be confident that standards are comparable.

Pearson International GCSEs have been developed:

  • Using the same World Class Qualification principles and development process as the UK GCSEs.
  • Involving senior examiners from the UK teams.
  • Ensuring overlap between the senior teams on both qualifications to enable consistency of exam setting, marking and grading processes.
  • Using the 9-1 grading scale - in line with GCSEs. We were the first board to implement this so that schools could be clear and confident from the start that our international qualifications meet the same standards as Ofqual set in the UK.
  • Adopting the same rules in awarding International GCSEs as those set out by Ofqual for awarding the new 9-1 GCSEs.

These are just some of the activities and approaches in place. We have an ongoing focus on this area, and remain committed to providing the highest quality qualifications for all our schools, teachers and students, both in the UK and internationally.

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