Summer 2022 support

On the 16 of June, Ofqual published the outcome of the 2022 NEA and field work consultation. This set out their proposals to carry forward the arrangements which were put in place in 2021 to take account of public health restrictions that could have had an impact on the way the assessments in these qualifications could be conducted.

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The consultation concluded that all of the proposals set out in the consultation document would be implemented.

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Performance assessment

Students are required to perform 1 or more pieces of music with a combined duration of at least 1.5 minutes (if all solo performance) or 2 minutes (if including performance as part of an ensemble).There is no requirement to perform as part of an ensemble.

There is a requirement to submit complete and unedited recording of the live performance and, where available, the score or lead sheet for that performance.

Composition assessment

Students are required to compose 1 or more pieces of music with a combined duration of at least 2 minutes.

Though, compositions may be in response to an exam board set brief and/or be freely composed, with no requirement to do both, for the 2022 series we will continue to only offer the Free Composition option for our GCSE Music qualification (2016), and therefore as a result, we will not be releasing the composition brief on the 1st September 2021.

There is a requirement to submit complete recording of each composition with a score, lead sheet or written account of the composition, produced by the student.

Both NEA components

Both NEA components will be marked by the teacher and moderated by the exam board.


We will be supporting you and your students every step of the way with the 2022 summer arrangements and we’ll be releasing more information and guidance as this is confirmed.

You can find the support which we currently have available to support teaching and learning below.

Summer 2022 consultation

The Department for Education and Ofqual are now consulting on other proposed summer 2022 adaptations, including optionality and advanced notice.

Please visit the government website to have your say.

This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 1 August 2021.