Assess and track GCSE (9-1) Maths

Tracking your learners’ progress is key to understanding their achievements. We’ll help you do this, as well as set targets and understand which tier of entry may be most appropriate.

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Coming soon! Three sets of practice papers and secure mocks.

Available now: Exemplar student answers with examiner comments.

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End-of-term tests

These tests are aligned to our 3-year and transition schemes of work. They’re designed to help you understand the progress your students have made at the end of term and can be used in conjunction with the GCSE baseline test. Further end-of-term tests will be released to support the 3-year and 2-year schemes of work through 2015.

ResultsPlus is a free online results analysis tool for teachers that gives you a detailed breakdown of your students’ performance in Edexcel exams.

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examWizard is a free online resource for teachers containing a huge bank of past paper questions and support materials to help you create your own mock exams and tests.

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Pearson's progression scales and maps represent our view of how learning progresses in a subject, and how understanding and skills build upon each other. These tools give you richer insight into student performance in a way that's reliable and easy to understand. Our progression scales, maps, tests and markbooks will support you to track progression for every student.

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Two sets of problem-solving (AO3) practice papers, taken from the SAMs and New SAMs. The gold, silver and bronze papers include the same questions, but with varying degrees of scaffolding.