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The Department for Education confirmed that exams would go ahead in 2022, but with a few changes, such as optionality or advance information.

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For GCSE English Language 2.0, these changes have also been confirmed for the November resit exam series. As well as not needing to make or submit audio-visual recordings of the Spoken Language Endorsement (SLE grades must be submitted as usual) the following arrangements have been confirmed for summer 2022:

Advance information

To make exams in 2022 less daunting, including the November resit, students will be told in advance some information about the exam content, helping them to manage their exam preparation. The Department for Education has confirmed that advance information for the November resit can now be released.

The November 2022 advance information is different advance information to the summer series. You can now access your advance information for November 2022.

The advance information should be read alongside the JCQ teacher guidance and the advance information guidance which was published on 9 December.

Download the JCQ teacher guidance

Download the full advance information.

Following further quality checks after the release of the advance information on 7 February, we have updated the document link title that appears on our website for the GCSE English Language 2.0 advance information. There are no changes to the actual content of the advance information that was released on 7 February.

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We will be supporting you and your students every step of the way with the 2022 summer arrangements.

You can find the support which we currently have available to support teaching and learning below.