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Below are some useful resources to help you teach our Edexcel GCSE in Computer Science. 

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We can’t guarantee the content on third-party websites. If you find any of these links are broken, please let us know by emailing TeachingComputerScience@pearson.com.

Although a specification reference has been given for the resources, we can’t guarantee full coverage of the contents by the third party. Please cross-reference third-party materials with the GCSE Computer Science specification. 

Specification reference Resource (Book Title/Website) Author Comments
Topic - 1 Problem Computational Fairy Tales

Jeremy Kubica (ISBN:


Topic - 1 Problem Solving

Algorithmics The Spirit of Computing

Third Edition

David Harel (ISBN:


Textbook can help to develop deeper learning in order to help deliver content to learners.
Topic 2 - Programming Code Academy   Online resource to support the learning of a number of programming languages including Python and JavaScript.
Topic 2 - Programming Using Python   Online resources to support using the Python programming language.
Topic 3 - Data MySQL   Open source database.
Topic 3 - Data SQLZoo   Online tutorials and support materials.

Topic 1 - Problem Solving

Topic 2 - Programming

Khan Academy   Online resource which explains aspects of algorithms and a practical programming approach.
Covers a variety of topics Computer Science Unplugged   Online downloadable resources.
Covers a variety of topics Computing at Schools   Computing at Schools is supported by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.
Covers a variety of topics Computer Science for Fun   Created and supported by Queen Mary, University of London.
Computational Thinking Computational Thinking Jeanette Wing A useful article explaining what computational thinking is and why it’s important.
Computational Thinking Computational Thinking: A Digital Age Skill for Everyone ISTE A useful article explaining what computational thinking is and why it’s important from an educational perspective.

An online video from ISTE Videos demonstrating the use of computational thinking as a skill for everyone: