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A levels Music (2016)

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Updated Scheme of Work and Course Planners

Qualification news | 15 June 2018

As part of supporting you with our Pearson Edexcel AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics qualifications, we strive to make our teaching and learning materials as clear, helpful, and effective for delivery as possible.

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That’s why we’ve made some changes to the schemes of work, interactive schemes of work and course planners for parallel delivery.

What’s changed?

These updates have been made to clarify the of prior knowledge needed for specific topics and ensure that the order of content makes delivery simpler
The main changes are:

  • Splitting the Trigonometry unit into two parts:
    • introducing part 1 ahead of the Differentiation unit and including the following topics: radians (definition and exact values); small angles; secant, cosecant and cotangent (definitions, identities and graphs); inverse trigonometrical functions; compound angle formulae
    • keeping part 2 where the unit was originally and including the following topics: arcs and sectors; compound and double (and half) angle formulae; rcos (θ ± α) or rsin (θ ± α); proof of trigonometric identities; solving problems in context (e.g. mechanics)
    • moving differentiation and integration of functions defined parametrically, and calculating areas under curves expressed parametrically; these have been moved to the unit entitled Parametric Equations.

Thus the new order for Year 2: Remaining A Level Mathematics Pure Mathematics content is as follows:

Unit Title Estimated hours
1 Algebraic and partial fractions 5
2 Trigonometry (Part 1) 9
3 Differentiation 14
4 Integration 26
5 Proof 3
6 Functions and modelling 10
7 Series and sequences 9
8 The binomial theorem 7
9 Trigonometry (part 2) 15
10 Parametric equations 9
11 Numerical methods 8
12 3D vectors 5

Where to get the updated materials

Updated Schemes of Work

Following these changes, the references throughout the A level Mathematics and most A level Further Mathematics Schemes of Work for parallel delivery have been amended. 

Course planners

To reflect the changes to the order of delivery, the AS and A level Further Mathematics Course Planners have also been updated.

Interactive Scheme of Work

The Interactive Scheme of Work has also been updated to reflect these changes.

Please note that any of your own saved versions of the Interactive Schemes of Work will not be automatically updated following these changes.

Access the updated Interactive Scheme of Work


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