Training and events

Our training and events programme will help you to deliver the new AS and A levels in English Language and Literature with confidence.

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Mocks marking training events

Mock exams will be key to gaining a snapshot of how students are performing during the new GCE English Language and Literature course. Our mocks marking training events will help you apply the new mark schemes, so you can be confident you're getting a clear picture of your students' achievements. 

Training recording and supporting student scripts

This pre-recorded training is an introduction to our online face-to-face mocks marking training events.

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It will give you an overview of:

  • the assessment requirements of the new specification
  • the new types of questions that exist within the revised papers
  • how mark schemes are developed to match the question asked 
  • some sample student responses to questions 
  • how we can support you in marking your students' work.

Free coursework marking and standardisation

These face-to-face events are designed for teachers who are delivering the GCE A Level English Language and Literature (2015) specification to:

  • Explore the coursework assessment criteria 
  • Look at examples of marked student coursework
  • Carry out some marking on exemplar materials
  • Address common issues and frequently asked questions

Download the Spring 2017 coursework training pack

Free GCE AS/A level English Language and Literature 2015 networks

Our local networks are an opportunity for colleagues teaching the GCE AS/A level English Language and Literature (2015) specifications to:

  • get together to share good practice
  • meet with the Edexcel English team.

Training materials from previous network events

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Getting ready to teach Pearson's new AS and A level English Language and Literature specifications from 2015

Were you unable to attend one of our free face-to-face or online Getting Ready to Teach events? 

You can find all the materials that have been used in our training events here.

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Would you like to talk through the recent specification changes?

Request individual support with our 2015 specifications

Launch events

Our free launch events give teachers and heads of department the chance to find out more about our new AS and A levels in English Language, for first teaching in September 2015.

If you were unable to attend one of our recent launch events, please view the presentation below.

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Training events

Training from Pearson UK is designed to help anyone who is interested in, or currently teaching, our qualifications. From the autumn term 2014, we'll have a programme of online and face-to-face launch and Getting Ready to Teach events to help you plan and deliver the new specifications.

Our online training:

  • is suitable for both UK and international centres
  • brings the quality of our face-to-face training to a wider audience in a cost-effective, efficient way.

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