Summer 2022 support

On the 16 of June, Ofqual published the outcome of the 2022 NEA and field work consultation. This set out their proposals to carry forward the arrangements which were put in place in 2021 to take account of public health restrictions that could have had an impact on the way the assessments in these qualifications could be conducted.

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The consultation concluded that all of the proposals set out in the consultation document would be implemented.

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Participation in a monologue or duologue is permitted, so that group work is not compulsory. Each student can participate as either a performer or designer in a devised performance of at least 1.5 minutes (for monologue), and/or 3 minutes (for duologue or group).

Students are permitted to accept alternative evidence to illustrate the intended final piece, the student’s contribution to the creation and development of ideas, and their analysis and evaluation of their own work, as appropriate to the task. Alternative evidence may include:

  • audio-visual recordings of complete performance
  • audio-visual recordings of physical demonstrations of key aspects with explanation of how they inform final piece
  • original and non-original photographs, images, drawings or sketches with annotations to illustrate intentions for performance
  • design scripts
  • written accounts
  • video diary.

Component 1 will remain marked by the teacher and moderated by Pearson.

Each student can participate as either a performer or designer in a text based performance of at least 1.5 minutes (for monologue), and/or 3 minutes (for duologue or group) on one key extract rather than two.

Students are required to evidence their application of theatrical skills to realise artistic intentions as appropriate to the task. For performance, it is permitted that the performance can be done without the need of a fully designed set, lighting, or costumes. For designers, permitted alternative evidence may include:

  • prototype of relevant products
  • original photographs, drawings or annotated sketches of designs
  • annotated scripts
  • video or written accounts
  • physical demonstrations.

We are considering offering centres the choice of either visiting examiner or digital submission for this component and we will confirm the details in the Autumn term.

We will permit the live performance statement to be satisfied through streamed or recorded performances.

We will also permit students to analyse and evaluate the work of others based on live theatre and/or streamed or recorded performances.


We will be supporting you and your students every step of the way with the 2022 summer arrangements and we’ll be releasing more information and guidance as this is confirmed.

You can find the support which we currently have available to support teaching and learning below.

Summer 2022 consultation

The Department for Education and Ofqual are now consulting on other proposed summer 2022 adaptations, including optionality and advanced notice.

Please visit the government website to have your say.

This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 1 August 2021.