Customised Qualifications Service

Our Customised Qualifications Service (CQS) on Pearson’s Self-Regulated Framework (SRF) lets you create and develop bespoke qualifications to meet the needs of specific industry sectors, employers and employees.

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Our customised qualification offer includes:

  • The qualification is designed and commissioned with content that can be used to support your industry sector’s training and development needs and fill a specific skills gap.

  • A dedicated team to understand your specific requirements and collaboratively develop a tailored education solution for your industry sector.

  • Your qualifications can be composed from existing regulated BTEC units: 

BTEC Higher Nationals 

BTEC Nationals

BTEC Firsts 

BTEC Specialist qualifications.

  • Alternatively, they can be built from brand new units you have developed.

  • Qualification length of time to fit to your training needs and structure of the industry sector.
  • All of our customised qualifications are regulated against Pearson's Self-Regulated Framework.

  • Our CQS is only available to institutions and centres who meet certain threshold requirements. 

  • Our development team will be on-hand to support you at every step of the customised qualification process, including assessment and certification if required.
  • Pearson quality assurance against industry standards providing confidence for your industry sector, business and employees.


To find out more about how to start working with us to develop your customised qualifications, see the customised qualifications approval page.


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