We have made changes to the way that we calculate the final qualification grade for BTEC Nationals (2016) to ensure that grading accurately reflects a learner's performance and achievements.

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Quick guide to grading for your BTEC Nationals 2016

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Each unit is individually graded and contributes to a learner's final qualification grade

Final qualification grades reward overall course performance, as units, and success within them, contribute points proportionally to the overall grade. This allows students to gain recognition for strong performance in areas where they excel:

  • A higher proportion of points are contributed by units with larger Guided Learning Hours (GLH)
  • Units are marked on a grade scale where students receive more points for higher grades
  • Students can re-submit internally assessed units within 15 days to improve their grade.

Performance across the qualification determines the learner’s final grade

Final qualification grades are based on a combined total of points earned from assessments, so provided that performance elsewhere is strong enough, a failed unit does not immediately result in a failed qualification. However, students need to pass most (and in some cases, all) mandatory content to remain eligible for an overall qualification pass:

  • Students need to pass all externally-assessed units, and certain internally-assessed mandatory units, to be eligible to pass their qualification. Check section 2 of your qualification’s specification for more details.

  • In all qualifications, there will be a minimum number of points and guided learning hours achieved at pass or above.

What’s different

  • We’ve made some changes to the way our qualifications are graded.
  • Because they contain content valued by employers and Higher Education, students must now pass most or all of the mandatory units and all externally assessed units. 
  • As a result of this change, we have also removed the “N” grade.

Your Subject Advisor and our specialist subject teams are here to help if you want to discuss the new grading model.

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