Colleges using blended learning to deliver BTEC Higher Nationals in Business

HN Online allows you to deliver up to half of the guided learning hours of a BTEC Higher National qualification via blended learning. Developed to address learning outcomes for eight units on the BTEC Higher National Certificate and nine units on the Higher National Diploma in Business, HN Online helps both tutors and students to fulfil the requirements of the programme.

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Since the launch of HN Online with the HNC units in September 2018, we have seen centres adopting HN Online in their delivery in various ways. Depending on the size and mode of delivery adopted by the centre, tutors have effectively used HN Online to guide the students through the qualification.

Supporting blended delivery at Sunderland College

Sunderland College delivers BTEC HNC in Business as a part-time course, using a blended learning delivery model. Students come in for only 2.5 hour in-class teaching sessions every three weeks. They spend the rest of their time studying online, working through the HN Online modules, but also have an option for face-to-face meetings with the tutor every week.

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As the teaching progresses, tutors use the in-class sessions to review learning completed to date, introduce new concepts and set tasks to be completed before the next session.

Instructor tools within HN Online allow tutors to monitor students’ interaction with content and evaluate their learning progress. This information also helps them to decide which topics to cover during in-class sessions to help students better understand the concepts. 

Students at Sunderland College have access to a virtual learning environment where learning resources are available. These include:

  • references to HN Online where relevant content is located
  • presentations to explain key concepts
  • links to resources relevant to unit content.

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Anytime, anywhere learning for students at Morley College

Morley College deliver BTEC Higher Nationals in Business as a full-time course with the support of an online learning management system to share resources with students. 

Students at Morley College have 2.5 hours of in-class teaching every week, supplemented by independent study. Tutors guide students through the qualification to help them meet the learning outcomes and prepare them for assessments. 

For Morley College, HN Online forms a part of the wider suite of resources the tutors use to guide students through their learning journey. Their methods include:

  • using HN Online to enable students to develop a better understanding of core concepts
  • presentations delivered to students weekly, which explain concepts included in units
  • linking to resources where students can get more information
  • using a WhatsApp group where students can support each other in their learning.

With HN Online addressing the intended learning outcomes for this qualification, students find most value in HN Online when preparing for their assessments. They use HN Online to learn the core concepts of each unit at their own pace, in their own time and use a variety of tools available to check their progress.

Opportunities with HN Online

Blended learning allows centres to be more flexible in delivering the qualification. Using HN Online provides more opportunities for students to take charge of their learning and the tools enable tutors to be better informed on the progress of their learners.

HN Online was developed to enable centres to deliver BTEC Higher Nationals in a flexible manner using a blend of on-site and off-site delivery. The flipped classroom approach enables students to cover core content in their own time at their own pace, and to come to lessons better prepared. This allows tutors to use class sessions more effectively, for example focusing on difficult concepts or preparing students for assignments.

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