Find out about the new resources that will be available in 2015 to accompany BTEC Apprenticeships in Business Administration, Customer Service, Team Leading and Management.

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Free online resources

To coincide with the launch of our new business skills qualifications, from January 2015 we'll be launching a brand new free resources website. The site will feature flexible resources to support planning and assessment for the following BTEC Apprenticeship frameworks:

  • Customer Service L2 and Management L3 - resources available now
  • Team Leading L2 - resources available now
  • Business Administration L2 - resources available now
  • Business Administration L3 - resources available now
  • Customer Service L3 - resources available now
  • a bank of customisable materials
  • a wide range of evidence-collecting opportunities for all sectors and levels
  • content mapped holistically across themes to help save time and repetition
  • quiz questions to help learners check knowledge for the online learning units
  • Functional Skills support (contextualised for your sector)
  • a downloadable PDF version of the Apprenticeship Guide and Planner
  • different activity types to suit a range of learning styles and workplace environments. 
We'll send you login details for the resources website when you make your registrations.

Visit the BTEC Apprenticeship Assessment Workbooks website

BTEC Apprenticeship resources website

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Assessment Guide and Planner

From January 2015, when you register learners for a BTEC Apprenticeship in Business Administration, Customer Service, Team Leading or Management you'll receive a full-colour, printed Assessment Guide and Planner to help you plan the assessment of your apprentices in the workplace and maximise your time.

  • detailed information on the structure of the relevant business skills BTEC Apprenticeship

  • guidance on how to use, and make the most of, the free resources website

  • a dedicated pull-out section for apprentices

  • a comprehensive mapping document so the assessor can see how each activity maps to the units 

  • clear best practice advice and guidance on areas where you and your learners need support, including induction, holistic delivery, managing learner behaviour, engaging with employers, and recruitment, retention and completion.

Watch the webinar to find out more

Read more about our business skills resources in our FAQs document.

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