Apprenticeships are a great way for employers to ‘grow their own’ talent. They also provide an excellent route for young people to enter the labour market when starting out in their careers. Supporting apprentices properly from recruitment through to final accreditation is essential for a successful programme.

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Looking after your apprentices

It’s vital to get the process of recruiting and supporting apprentices right - after all, they are the future ‘stars’ of your workforce.

Every business will have their own way of doing things, although there are some best practice principles you can follow to ensure you are doing your very best for them.

Pearson can advise you on how to support apprentices in your business. We have a long-standing apprenticeship scheme of our own and many years' experience supporting learners in work-based training and development.

How to get going - the basics

There are many ways of recruiting an apprentice and the route you take will depend on the age of the apprentice you are looking to recruit.

You could:

  • Advertise and recruit in the same way you would any employee
  • Liaise with the Government sponsored 'Get in go far' apprenticeship support site (England only).
  • Recruit directly from schools/colleges - this is a good way to attract high quality candidates. You could run information stands at open days, attend parent evenings and invite young people to visit your company.
  • Use your training partners to help you recruit.
  • Use appropriate websites and social media including local networks and career fairs.

Find out more information on the Government's 'Get in go far' campaign

Remember that apprentices can come from within your own organisation as well so ‘recruitment’ in this sense might be from within your existing workforce. advises there are several steps to taking on an apprentice:

1. Choose an apprenticeships framework or standard for an apprenticeship in your industry and at a suitable level.

2.Find an organisation that offers training for the apprenticeship framework or standard you’ve chosen

Find out more information on apprenticeship training

3. Check what funding is available

Find out more information on funding

4. Advertise your apprenticeship - your training organisation will do this for you through the find an apprenticeship service

Find an apprenticeship here

5. Select your apprentice and make an apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement with them

Find out more information on apprenticeship agreements

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"There are great options for anyone who comes out of school or university – apprentices in many fields are now progressing quickly and earning good salaries. Most of the people I’m speaking to now are thinking along similar lines." Lloyd Thomas, Apprenticeship Manager at The Co-op