Learn more about delivering your apprenticeship programme including how to choose a delivery partner, how to manage organisational change and how to recruit and support apprentices. 

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Delivering your programme

The introduction of the new apprenticeships standards means employers can now take control over selecting the right training provider for them or deliver the training themselves as an employer provider. 

Many businesses will also be recruiting apprentices for the first time. As an apprenticeship employer ourselves, we can work with you to apply best practice when supporting apprentices in your own workplace.

With much more responsibility for programme delivery in the hands of employers you'll need to be informed. We can help with all aspects of programme delivery including the 20% off-the-job element of your apprentices' qualification and a range of services, as well as advice on managing their final accreditation.


"Apprenticeships are proven to enhance individual’s lives; and employers who are genuinely committed to high-quality delivery and to making apprenticeships a core part of their talent model, have reaped the benefits." Rod Bristow, President, UK & Core Markets for Pearson