End-point assessment (EPA) is the final stage of the apprentice’s learning journey. It is a synoptic assessment that evaluates the apprentice’s skills, knowledge and behaviours developed during the apprenticeship programme.

We work closely with employers and training providers to plan, design and deliver end-point assessments that help apprentices successfully complete their apprenticeships.

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How we can help with assessment delivery

A step-by-step process to support the organisation, the line manager and the training provider in preparing apprentices for end-point assessment. This involves:

  • an end-point assessment service delivery contract.
  • access to a dedicated Account Manager as a single point of contact.
  • monthly touch-points for EPA planning starting at least five months prior to the estimated EPA delivery date.
  • a countdown to EPA service that is tailored to each individual standard.
  • an EPA delivery management team to ensure a high-quality service delivery that is consistent and reliable.

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