Business Update - March 2021 | Pearson qualifications

Business Update - March 2021

Wed Mar 24 17:00:00 UTC 2021

An update on everything new within the Business sector.

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Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Support

The Pearson End-Point Assessment specification and EPA Resource Pack for the Level 3 Digital Marketer apprenticeship standard is fully published and available for customers who have signed up to Pearson end point assessment services.

A digital copy of all end-point assessment documents can be accessed from your account manager.

A copy of the specification document can be downloaded from the Pearson website. 

End-point assessment specification

Digital Learning Resources

Digital learning resources to support the on-programme delivery of the Digital Marketer Apprenticeship are in development.

The digital online course is designed to support apprentices in their role as a Digital Marketer and to facilitate the off-the-job training and development. Apprentices will be engaging with high quality interactive learning content that has been created by the School of Marketing in collaboration with Pearson, is mapped to the apprenticeship standard, and which enables apprentices to self-direct their learning and access this programme from anywhere and at any time.

Register your interest at the Pearson Learning Hub for further information.

Learning Hub - Digital Marketer 

On-programme qualifications

We would also like to remind centres that the following regulated qualifications aligned to the three knowledge modules within the apprenticeship standard, are available for learner registrations and assessed via onscreen multiple-choice test:

  • Pearson Level 3 Award in Principles of Coding
  • Pearson Level 3 Award in Digital Marketing Business Principles
  • Pearson Level 3 Award in Marketing Principles

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