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Book on a free sector development forum

25 August 2015

Our free-of-charge sector development forum events for work-based learning and colleges are designed to inform, update and educate centres. 

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These events will:

  • Update you on the developments within the BTEC National suite of qualifications and what this will mean from September 2016
  • Give you a chance to learn more about Apprenticeship Trailblazer developments and how this will impact on your apprenticeship delivery from September 2015
  • Encourage the sharing of best practice whileasking questions of the external verification team about the delivery and assessment of both BTEC and competency-based (NVQ) qualifications.
Here is a list of all the sector development forums until the end of the year:
Sector Date Location Event Code
Health and Social Care & Childcare 22/09/2015 London 15WBLHSC/01
Health and Social Care & Childcare 30/09/2015 Manchester 15WBLHSC/02
Health and Social Care & Childcare 07/10/2015 Birmingham 15WBLHSC/03
Health and Social Care & Childcare 29/10/2015 Birmingham 15WBLHSC/04
Retail and Hospitality 03/11/2015 Manchester 15WBLRH/05
Construction 03/11/2015 London 15WBLC/01
Transport and Logistics 05/11/2015 Oxford 15WBLTAL/02
Retail and Hospitality 05/11/2015 London 15WBLRH/06
Retail and Hospitality 11/11/2015 Oxford 15WBLRH/07
Business Skills 12/11/2015 London 15WBLBS/04
Business Skills 17/11/2015 Manchester 15WBLBS/05
Health and Social Care & Childcare  18/11/2015 London 15WBLHSC/05
Business Skills 19/11/2015 Bristol 15WBLBS/06
Health and Social Care & Childcare  26/11/2015 Manchester 15WBLHSC/06
Business Skills 26/11/2015 Birmingham 15WBLBS/07

For each event, there is a maximum of two delegates allowed per centre.

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