BTEC Results Day 2023: getting ready

19 July 2023

Access key information and guidance for the results period for BTEC Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications in Sport, and Sport and Exercise Science including key dates, details of post-results services and grade boundaries.

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Thank you

We fully appreciate the hard work which students have put into their studies and revision. On behalf of the BTEC Sport, and Sport and Exercise Science teams, we want to thank everyone in schools and colleges for your dedication and support to make sure your students achieve the grades they deserve. We wish you and your students a well-deserved break over the summer, and the best of luck on results day.

Multi-factor Authentication for Edexcel Online


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On 19 June 2023 we wrote to all registered Edexcel Online account holders, advising that we had introduced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as an additional layer of security to help protect your centre and learner data. While a lot of users have now accessed Edexcel Online (EOL) and successfully gone through the MFA process, we are aware that other roles may not use EOL and other related systems on a regular basis, and the next time to try and log in is on a learner results day.

To make your results days as easy as possible, if you are a user that will need to access any of the following systems during the summer results period, please log into these now to check you can access them successfully. We are here to help you between now and the results period should you need us:

  • Edexcel Online (EOL)
  • ResultsPlus
  • MyBTEC
  • Exam Viewer

Additional support for Multi-Factor Authentication can be found in our customer support articles below.

Results days: Key dates

Exam session Results to centres under embargo Results to students
BTEC Level 3 Summer 23 09/08/2023 17/08/2023
BTEC Level 1/2 Summer 23 16/08/2023 24/08/2023

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Availability of Summer 2023 Question Papers, Mark Schemes and Examiner Reports

Question papers from summer 2023 series are available on the qualification pages, under the course materials - external assessment tab.

On results day mark schemes and examiner reports will also be available from the same page.

A breakdown of results for the externally assessed units
(does not include on-demand tests) can be obtained from ResultsPlus on results day by following the steps below:

  • Log into Results Plus using your Edexcel Online details
  • Once you are logged in under your centre, select 'BTEC Analysis'.
  • Then select 'Get whole cohort results'.
  • Select the relevant series, eg  'June 2023', followed by the relevant qualification and paper and 'View '.

Raw mark to grade point conversions for externally assessed units

Where to find the raw marks and grade points?

The conversions for your students are available in Edexcel Online following this route:

2. External Assessment
3. View Results by Assessment Booking
4. Choose June 2023 series.
5. If you leave the programme and unit fields blank the search will return all bookings for the series.
6. Select the unit you are interested in (tick in the left-hand column)
7. Choose Export results

You will get a csv file with the information you want.
The raw mark is in the column headed 'Score'
The grade point is in the column headed UMS.

Please note that in order to access this you will need the ‘Results’ box ticked in your Edexcel Online user profile. It is not the policy of all centres to make this available so you may have to ask your Exams Officer to print out the spreadsheet for you.  

Grade Boundaries for externally assessed units


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For BTECs grade boundaries are set for external units at each exam series. They are set by a group of subject and assessment experts reviewing a range of evidence, both qualitative and quantitative, to ensure that there is fairness, validity and robustness in the grade boundaries. The grade boundaries for the Summer exam series will be available on the link below.

The raw mark grade boundaries change from series to series. We provide raw marks to points calculators for each exam series to confirm how the raw marks are converted to points. They are updated soon after the results are published.

Changing a learner registration after the results (dropping down)

If a learner is not eligible for a qualification, having achieved a U, for example, in an externally assessed unit, it may be possible to transfer to a smaller size. Please ask your exams officer to change the registration in Edexcel Online. There is a video for exams officers in Edexcel Online called ‘Transfers’ to explain how this is done.

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Access to Scripts

You can use our free Access to Scripts service to view your candidates’ marked exam scripts online or download as a PDF. (This service is not available for set tasks and on-demand tests). 

It is available from results day until the 15 December 2023.

Providing a rich source of information, you can use this service to help make decisions about requesting a review of marking, but it can also help inform future teaching and learning and gives insights and visibility that performance data alone cannot provide. 

If scripts have been marked ‘traditionally’ (ie not online), you will need to request them, free of charge, via the Post Results section of Edexcel Online as in previous exam series.  


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Please note, you will need 'Exam viewer' in your Edexcel Online profile if you want to download candidate scripts from results day. Please ask your Exams Officer if you need this adding to your profile.

Discover more about Access to Scripts, along with FAQs and a step-by-step User Guide.

Please note, candidate consent is required before requesting script copies, as per section 4.2 of the JCQ's Post-results services guide. Candidate consent can only be obtained after results have been published.

Post-results support services

If you're not happy with your students' results this summer, you should take the following steps:

  • View the grade boundaries, question papers, mark schemes and examiner reports for the paper/qualification concerned.
  • View your students’ scripts using our free access to scripts service.
  • Log in to ResultsPlus to see how your students have performed on every question and compare their performance to the national average.
  • If you are still unhappy with your students' results, you may apply for a review of marking via our post-results services. 

Full details of all our post-results services are available on our website.

The deadline for requesting a Review of marking and moderation (ROMM) is 28 September 2023.  

How to apply for post-results services

Please speak to your Exams Officer if you wish to proceed with a review of marking. Exams officers should contact their Centre Account Specialist on 0344 463 2535 if they require guidance or watch our post results video. All applications for reviews of marking must be submitted through Edexcel Online.

Edexcel's Post Results Services
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Post-results support for students

We have a dedicated web page for student post-results support. Please forward this link to your students where they can find information on the services for students.


If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of a review of marking, you may wish to appeal against the decision. We will allow the head of centre (or designated member of the centre’s senior management team or examinations manager) 30 calendar days from the receipt of the outcome of the review of marking, during which an appeal may be lodged by sending an email to the following address: There is further guidance on appeals on our website. 

Applications for appeals may only be accepted from a head of centre (on behalf of a candidate or a group of candidates) or private candidates. See the JCQ appeals booklet, 46 & 47.

I hope you found this update useful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me from the contact details below. 

Grade statistics – BTEC results for benchmarking

The grade statistics for BTEC qualifications are published in late October/early November on the grade statistics page of the website.

Access the grade statistics page

These statistics can be used for benchmarking purposes. Please note that in line with all qualifications, learner achievement is reported at qualification level and not at unit level.


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