Enquiries About Results: Summer 2014

Fri Aug 08 11:42:00 UTC 2014

Find out what steps to take if you're not happy with your students' results this summer. 

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Enquiries About Results

  • Firstly, log in to ResultsPlus for an instant and detailed analysis of your students' exam performance. See how they have performed on every question and compare their performance to the national average.

  • You can download a copy of the relevant Principal Examiner's Report from ResultsPlus on results day. The summer 2014 question papers and mark schemes are already available to download from the relevant qualification pages. A level examiners' reports will be uploaded onto the qualification page on 19 August 2014. Find out how to download Principal Examiner's Reports from ResultsPlus

  • If, after having checked ResultsPlus and the relevant mark schemes and examiners' reports, you're still unhappy with your students' results, you may apply for a review of marking via our post-results services. Find out what you need to know about results day and post-results services
  • Please remember that the last date for Edexcel to receive applications for EAR review of marking services is 20 September 2014. The deadline for requesting a Priority Service 2 review of marking (A level only where a student's place in further/higher education depends on the outcome) is 22 August 2014. The deadline for requesting access to scripts to support teaching and learning is 4 October 2014.

Here's a reminder of the key post-results deadlines:

Post Results Services Deadline

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Here's an overview of the services available to you: 


And here's a summary of the fees charged for these services:

Services A level
Service 1 - clerical check £10.30
Service 2P - priority post-results review of marking £41.20
Service 2 - post-results review of marking £36.00
Access to script - original script £7.75
Access to script - copy £10.30

Fees will not be charged where the EAR leads to a change in the overall subject grade for the student.

Concerns about an entire class

Significant under-marking on a paper does not happen often, but if an issue is identified, we will always seek to address it via an 'extended review of marking'.

Where we're satisfied that an EAR has revealed a demonstrable trend of significant under-marking of a centre cohort, we will seek to address the issue via an 'extended review of marking'. 'Significant under-marking' is generally defined as a change of more than 5 per cent of the total raw mark for the paper (not the uniform mark).

If you have concerns about an entire class you will need to submit a representative sample of about 10 per cent of your centre's total cohort (a minimum of 8 candidates) for a review of marking through the EAR process. Very large centres need not submit more than 20 requests. At least half the sample would need to see mark changes of more than 5 per cent of the total raw mark (not the uniform mark) for the paper for an extension to be agreed.

Where we initiate an extended review of marking, centres will not be charged a fee.

How to apply for post-results services

Please speak to your examinations officer if you wish to proceed with an Enquiry About Results. Examinations officers should contact their Centre Account Specialist if they require further information or guidance on EAR services. All applications for Enquiries About Results must be submitted through Edexcel Online. If you can't submit your request via Edexcel Online please contact your Centre Account Specialist. Examinations officers can view our video demonstration of how to apply for post-results services on Edexcel Online.


Your centre may wish to appeal against the decision following the outcome of an EAR if you remain dissatisfied. An appeal must be sent in writing within 14 days of receiving the outcome of the EAR. Please send your appeal to the following address:

Edexcel Appeals Office
190 High Holborn

Appeals cannot be accepted directly from candidates, their parents or third parties acting on their behalf.

I hope you found this update useful. 

All the best,

Mark Battye

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