A level Politics Update September 2017

6 September 2017

We hope that you are looking forward to teaching the new Pearson Edexcel AS and A level Politics qualifications. There is a wealth of support online to help you plan and deliver the content and prepare for the new specification and assessments. More support material will be added continually to our website, as well as training events to be held over the coming months. This update outlines some of the upcoming support.

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Getting Ready to Teach events

We have been running these free face to face events throughout 2017 and there are still vacancies for events in the Autumn term. The events will take teachers through the specification in detail, explaining the requirements, as well as looking at the new assessments.

Specimen papers

Additional specimen exam papers for A level will be published online in late September 2017. These will be password protected so you can use them as mocks for your students. The papers will be available to download from the qualification page.

Key Terms PowerPoints

We have also published a zip file containing several PowerPoint presentations which give all the key terminology and their definitions. These can be used by teachers in the classroom and students as they are revising.  

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Examples of students’ answers to the sample assessment questions will be published online over the next few months. These will have been marked and standardised by our senior examining team, given a mark and/or level (based on the levels based mark scheme), and accompanied by commentary on their strengths and weaknesses and how they could improve. These can be used by teachers to demonstrate the ‘standard’ to students, and as examples of different ways to answer the same questions. They will be made available on the qualification page.

Suggested essay templates

We will publish guides for how to approach and structure answers to the various types of questions which will appear in the exam papers. These will be for suggested guidance only, and are not intended to be prescriptive of the way answers must be set out, nor a guarantee of answers gaining more/higher marks.

Component 3 training events

These will be paid-for face-to-face and online training events held from Spring 2018 onward. They will cover the content and new assessment requirements for Component 3: Comparative Politics, and there will be separate events for the USA and Global Politics options.

Mock marking training events

These will be face-to-face and online training events held from Autumn 2018 onward. They will cover the new assessment requirements, and how to mark each type of question, using real student answers in interactive group marking activities. We will update you when these events are available to book.

If there is any additional support you require or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at teachinggovernmentandpolitics@pearson.com

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