Teaching LCCI Financial and Quantitative supplementary update May 2017

23 May 2017

This update requests your views on the 2018 exam timetable and provides an update on textbook availability.

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What do you think of the 2018 draft LCCI exam timetable?

Many of you have sent your views to me in the past regarding the timing and number of exam series for our qualifications. This is now your opportunity to review our draft timetable and to formally make your views known.

All comments need to be received by the end of May before the draft is uploaded onto the Pearson website at the beginning of June to mid June.

The finalised version will then be published by the end of June.

Remember feedback must be provided by the end of May in order for it to be taken into consideration when finalising the 2018 timetable. Send your comments to lcciassessment@pearson.com.

Are your Students taking Exams in June?

Recorded Presentation of recent Assessment Changes

If you did not attend any of the recent training sessions, please listen to the specially recorded presentation which covers the changes that have been made to the following four LCCI qualifications for June 2017 series:
  • L2 Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • L3 Accounting
  • L3 Financial Accounting
  • L4 Financial Accounting
This training event link will also be added to the website under the training page. 

Tell your Students

A Separate Resource Booklet will accompany the Exam Question/Answer Booklet

NB This resource booklet is for reference only - it will not be submitted for marking. Any workings must be completed in the answer booklet if the Examiner is to see them for marking.

Mock and practice tests

If you are using the SAMs or past papers for a Mock/Practice Test with students, please be aware that our mark schemes do not award half marks.

Textbook Availability Update

Current Pearson LCCI textbooks available for purchase from your regional office: 

  • L1 Bookkeeping 
  • L2 Cost Accounting 
  • L3 Cost and Management Accounting 
  • L2 Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • L4 Organisational Behaviour and Performance

Estimated availability – June:

  • L3 Accounting
  • L4 Financial Accounting
  • L4 Management Accounting

Estimated availability – July:

  • L3 Business Statistics

Stay in touch with information from your Accounting subject advisor

Bernadette also has a new Twitter account @PearsonAccFin.  This has been established for teachers to obtain and exchange support, information, suggested resources, etc.

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