September 2012 update

Fri Sep 21 13:49:30 UTC 2012

This update contains information about the current position with our 14-19 Engineering Diplomas and our Apprenticeships in Engineering and Automotive, along with details on NQF qualifications and the SASE frameworks. There's also some good news about the long-awaited student book for our new BTEC First Award in Engineering, plus some links to news items about the world of engineering.

14-19 Engineering Diploma

Having reviewed our offer of the 14-19 Diplomas in Engineering, we've decided to continue to offer Principal Learning opportunities for the level 2 Higher Diploma and level 3 Advanced Diploma beyond June 2014, although a cut-off date, if one is needed, for these two levels has not been agreed. This does mean, however, that the level 1 Foundation Diploma will no longer be available after June 2014, so centres wishing to offer a two-year course will only be able to do so from September 2012.

BTEC Apprenticeships

If you're interested in developing and offering an apprenticeship in either the engineering or automotive sectors, it might be worth having a look at the extensive offer that Pearson has. You can find out more on our Engineering and Automotive Apprenticeship pages.

It might also be worth noting that the Semta (Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies) framework also recognises BTEC WorkSkills as meeting the ERR (employee rights and responsibilities) and PLTS (personal learning and thinking skills) requirements.

Recognising NQF qualifications in the SASE frameworks

Employers and training providers have raised concerns with both Semta and awarding organisations about the lack of recognition of NQF qualifications in the SASE/W.

To support the achievement of NQF NVQs as part of the SASE framework, Semta recognises that there is a one-to-one relationship between the content, assessment evidence/requirements and rules of combination of the NQF and of the QCF NVQs. This means that QCF NVQs can be achieved and certificated based on the evidence presented for NQF NVQ achievement, as long the learner is still judged as being occupationally competent.

Similarly, there is a mapping in the new BTEC specifications which details the similarities and differences between the previous version of the BTEC (NQF) and the new/current version (QCF).
Where learners present evidence which is valid and authentic, and no deficiencies are found, we will undertake to issue a QCF certificate. In cases where shortfalls are identified, learners will be expected to make good the shortfall before certification could be considered.

There is a fee of £20 for re-certification.

If you have learners who have already achieved an NQF BTEC or an NVQ and would now like this to constitute part of the QCF Apprenticeship, please contact your Edexcel Business Development Manager or your Regional Account Manager. You will need to register your learners on the QCF Apprenticeship and apply for a credit note post-registration (that is, a refund on the full fee minus £20). This could then be validated and signed off by your BDM or RAM.

Please note that this applies to all engineering qualifications in SEMTA's SASE/SASW frameworks.

The process (once the mapping of the qualification has been completed, as required) is:

• The centre registers the learner on the QCF version of the qualification and immediately claims certification on Edexcel Online

• The centre keeps a copy of the NQF-version certificate (from either Edexcel or any awarding organisation) from which the mapping has been completed, in case this is requested by an SV as part of their sample or for any audit requirements of the centre

• The centre contacts their account manager to request a refund of the QCF registration fee, less £20

• The account manager processes the refund

• The centre is refunded.

You may also wish to refer to our Recognition of Prior Learning Policy, published in January 2011.

New Student Book for BTEC Firsts from 2012 in Engineering

Pearson is publishing learning and teaching resources to support the new BTEC First in Engineering specifications. The full edition of the Student Book, which will cover selected Award, Certificate and Extended Certificate units, will be available in spring 2013.

If you're teaching the new BTEC First Award for the first time from September 2012, you can take advantage of our autumn term special offer: buy a student book which covers just the BTEC First Award units (ISBN 978 1 446905 63 0) and you'll receive a free copy of the full edition student book for every Award-only book you buy when the full edition is published in spring 2013.

This ‘one-for-one’ offer is only available for orders placed directly with Pearson on or before 31 December 2012. To place your order, please ring 0845 630 3333* and quote V26ENG0FA.

Engineering news

Bentley hopes engine sales will help double sales
If you or your students are intrigued by large engine power in cars, read this article and see what Bentley think of their V8 engine.

National BTEC Awards winner
Megan Turner from Loughborough College was the National BTEC Awards winner. Well done, Megan! You can see photographs from the Parliamentary Reception and the Awards ceremony here.

Aeroplane updates heat up Airbus Boeing rivalry
Activities in the aerospace industry are always interesting. This article includes a video about how Airbus plans to compete with its American rival Boeing.

If you want to know how to get rid of an aeroplane, take a look at this video on the BBC website.

Or you can have a longer view of Jumbo Jet Strip-Down.

But if you really are interested in speed, have a look at this hypersonic jet story, again on the BBC website.

'Perpetual motion' drives electric cars forward
And from planes back to automobiles, this article is about electric cars.

To complete the set, you could also read about the design of Royal Navy future warships.

And my final news article is about Aston University’s Academy, where engineering and the BTEC Engineering qualifications play an important role in what is delivered.

Mike Deacon
Engineering Subject Advisor

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