BTEC Tech Award in Engineering - SMLW for Component 1 - Pass grade

Thu Nov 22 12:13:00 UTC 2018

The sample marked learner work (SMLW) for Component 1 Pass standard is now available.

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You can access the sample marked learner work for Component 1 LA-A and LA-B Pass standard from the internal assessment tab of the course materials section of the qualifiation page. Simply use this link:

The Authorised Assignment Briefs (AAB) used for generating this learner work are the same as the ones provided by Pearson with some slight amendments. These can be seen in the SMLW. You can access the original authorised assignment briefs from the same above link. 

The learner work generated are exemplars of standard for Learning aim A and B at Pass grade and NOT a response to the entire task detailed in the Authorised Assignment Briefs (the holistic nature of these AABs means that the tasks cover all grades, up to Distinction). We therefore expect centres to use this resource to exemplify how to structure a response to a task. We also encourage centres to use this work to standardise their Assessment teams and demonstrate to learners the level of work expected in order to achieve the different targeted grades outcome.

The team is working on finalising the SMLW for Component 1 Distinction standard. This will be available in due course.

Although the work produced by the learner is at Pass, the commentary provided explains why learners have not achieved the merit standard and what they should do to achieve this. For example, “The learner has achieved a Level 2 pass as they have described engineering sectors and an engineering product…The learner has not achieved a Level 2 merit as the assessment evidence is mainly descriptive and produced with little consideration of why engineers from different sectors/disciplines are required to produce a product from linked components”.

Reading this SMLW alongside the ‘Essential Information for Assessment Decisions’ in the specification for Component 1 will be useful to determine what is expected from Merit and Distinction standards.

There is additional support available:

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We hope that this sample marked learner work will support you in the delivery and assessment of Component 1 for the BTEC Tech Award in Engineering. 

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