Dr Korczak's Example

11 July 2018

We regret to inform you that, effective from 31 July 2018, we will no longer be offering ‘Dr Korczak’s Example’, written by David Greig, due to copyright conditions.

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As a replacement set text, we will be offering ‘100’, written by Christopher Heimann, Neil Monaghan and Diene Petterle (Nick Hern books, ISBN: 9781854597373); a strikingly-original play combining traditional storytelling with physical theatre.

This will be available for first teaching from 1 August 2018 with first assessment in summer 2020. If your year 10s are going into their second year and have already started being taught Dr Korczak then you may continue and won't be disadvantaged for the exam series of summer 2019. If you are looking to teach Dr Korczak to a new cohort unfortunately it won't be available.

All other set texts will continue to be offered. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact our Drama Subject Advisor, Paul Webster, at TeachingPerformingArts@pearson.com.

Paul Webster, Drama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts subject advisor
Paul WebsterDrama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts
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