Results Day 2016

Tue Jul 05 11:31:00 UTC 2016

This update outlines the key things you need to know ahead of A level results day on 18 August, and GCSE results day on 25 August.

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The results

Please note that we cannot issue results over the phone. You should obtain results from your exams officer.

If you have any queries about special consideration, please email

We provide information about grade boundaries and uniform mark scale (UMS):

  1. Log in to Edexcel Online
  2. Select GCSE or GCE from the Qualification drop-down menu
  3. Hover over ‘Results’ and select ‘Moderator reports’
  4. Select the ‘Session’ and ‘Subject’
  5. Select ‘Submit’.
  1. Log in to Edexcel Online
  2. Select GCSE or GCE from the Qualification drop-down menu
  3. Hover over ‘Results’ and select ‘Reports – Bulk download’
  4. Select the ‘Session’ and ‘Report type’
  5. Select ‘Submit’.

Analysing the results

ResultsPlus is a free online results analysis tool for teachers that gives you a detailed analysis of your students' exam performance. You can also see how they have performed on every question and compare their performance to the national average.  

Find out more about Results Plus

Access to Scripts allows you to buy a copy of your candidates' answers.  You may wish to use these with future cohorts of students to illustrate points around exam technique. The deadline for ordering:

  • photocopies of scripts is 26 August (GCE) and 2 September (GCSE and BTEC Firsts)
  • photocopies of scripts post-review of marking is 20 September
  • photocopies of original scripts is 4 October.

Read about the Access to Scripts (ATS) service

Examiners' reports are a useful way of understanding the standard that has been applied. You can see exemplar student answers to each question with examiner comments and tips.

GCE examiners' reports will be available on ResultsPlus on results days and uploaded to the website the following week. 

When the examiners' reports are available, you can find them using these links:

Enquiring about results

This is a formal procedure which cannot be done over the phone. Please speak to your exams officer if you wish to proceed with an enquiry about results. 

If a grade is changed following an enquiry, there will be no fee.

Candidate permission

If you would like to apply for a review of marking you will need the permission of the candidate who must be made aware that marks can be reduced as well as raised.

Service 1 is a clerical check.

Service 2 is a review of marking.

Service 3 is a review of moderation.

Please remember that the last date for us to receive applications for reviews of marking services is 20 September 2016. The deadline for requesting a priority service 2 review of marking for GCE is 26 August 2016 and for GCSE is 2 September 2016.

You can find the full list of fees on the fees page.

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