July 2023 BTEC Business update

29 June 2023

Welcome to this July update!

A reminder that the deadline for submitting claims for learners who will be completing this year is 5 July.

We now have the funding tables for Wales and Northern Ireland (as well as England) taking us up to learners starting BTEC Nationals in 2025.

As Results Days in August approach there are a couple of things you may wish to prepare ahead of time.

When the summer break arrives, I hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Key dates

Date Event
5 July   Claiming deadline: for all learners completing this year.
17 August   BTEC Level 3 results released to learners
24 August   BTEC Level 2 results released to learners



BTEC Assessment 2023

You must submit all internally assessed units and make a full award claim before 5 July for all learners who are expecting to receive a result in August 2023.

If you don’t, we will be unable to guarantee your learners will receive a result in August. If you are unable to meet this deadline, this could result in an escalation to our centre management team for maladministration. We encourage you to make your full award claims as soon as possible to give you plenty of time to work through any outstanding issues with us.

If you can’t meet this deadline, please contact us immediately through the Pearson Support Portal, using “BTEC claiming” in the description of your case.  

Your Edexcel Online account

You may wish to check your access rights in your Edexcel Online account so that you can access the information you need on results days.

Results files and their contents are confidential to the Head of Centre, examinations office staff and senior members of the teaching staff at the centre. Therefore, the Edexcel Online ‘Results’ profile is only granted to these roles, as it allows access to results files on the Wednesdays before results days.

Other teachers that need access to view results should be given ResultsPlus access, as this is designed to meet the needs of teachers to view and analyse the results for their own students. Results are available through ResultsPlus for teachers on the Thursday results days.

Review of marking of externally assessed components (Service 2)

This is a check that our examiners have marked externally assessed components correctly and includes:

  • a clerical check (Service 1)
  • a review of marking of units/components by a senior examiner

You can ask us to review the marking of exam papers for individual candidates and the results for each candidate will be reported separately. This service isn't available for internally assessed/externally moderated coursework components.

Candidates’ marks or grades can go up, down or stay the same.

The deadline for completion is within 20 calendar days of receiving the request.

The deadline for us to receive your request for a review of marking is 28 September.

Centres must obtain written candidate consent for clerical re-checks and
reviews of marking, as with these services candidates’ marks and subject grades
may be lowered. Candidate consent must be obtained after the publication of results.

Candidates must be informed that their marks and subject grades could go
down as well as up and must provide their written consent before a request is
submitted. (A suggested form for centres to use is included as Appendix A of the JCQ Post-results Guide).  

On 28 March, JCQ released a document which provides teachers and assessors with the information they need to manage use of AI in assessments. This guidance applies to all our qualifications including vocational qualifications.

Important points to note:

  • centres should explain the importance of students submitting their own independent work
  • centres should ensure that teachers and assessors are familiar with AI tools and their risks
  • centres should consider communications with parents/carers to make them aware of AI
  • students must acknowledge use of AI when used
  • misuse of AI tools is malpractice.

Within the document, there is a list of potential indicators of AI use that may help identify work where students have misused AI.

Please do take a look at this guidance.

The teaching, learning and assessment page for 2022-23 will keep you up to date with the latest news and information to support you delivering BTEC qualifications. 

This guide provides learners and parents with information about this year’s arrangements for qualifications regulated by Ofqual.  


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2022 TA Enterprise

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Tech Award Level 1/2


Delivery support page

  • Admin
  • Delivery
  • Free resources
  • Paid-for resources

Assessment support page

  • Preparation for assessment
  • The internally assessed components (running and then assessing a PSA)
  • The externally assessed component
  • Calculating the final grade

The BTEC Bitesize BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise videos

  • How to select appropriate ​enterprises Component 1
  • How to prepare learners to use their time effectively Component 1
  • Component 1 Task 1 best practice
  • Component 1 Task 2 best practice
  • Component 1 Task 3 best practice
  • Alternative evidence requirements for Components 1 and 2
  • Exploring enterprise ideas for Component 2
  • Best practice for Component 2 Task 1
  • Best practice for Component 2 Task 2
  • Preparing learners to use time well Component 2 Task 1
  • Overlaps in content between Components 1, 2 and 3  

Following your feedback, we will be releasing all Enterprise Pearson Set Assignments one month earlier within each series. This will give you more time to spend preparing for and administering the assessments. From September onwards, the Pearson Set Assignments will be released as follows:

December assessment series: in the first week of September

May assessment series: in the second week of January

The 2022 Tech Awards FAQs page is now live.

Go to the FAQ page

Time2 Resources are offering a component 3 CPD event in September

Find out more



BTEC globe

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BTEC Nationals

This page provides an overview of the reforms and will be updated as and when new information becomes available.

The funding checklists below for 16-19 year olds give you a comprehensive view of funding  which takes us up to the cohort starting in 2025.

This will give you clarity on how the recent updates on funding for BTEC Level 3 affect your centre and learners.

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As part of the Level 3 Vocational Qualification reforms we would like to invite you to help influence the next generation of BTEC Nationals. We want to ensure we capture the teacher and learner voice in our qualifications and support materials.

This is your opportunity to have your say and get involved.




2022 Enterprise spec

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Level 1/2

Level 3 BTEC Nationals in Buisness

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Level 3


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