July 2022 BTEC Business update

5 July 2022

Welcome to the July update!

I do hope that when the end of term comes you are able to enjoy a relaxing break but before you go, you may wish to check your Edexcel Online account settings in preparation for results day, and also check out the latest information on the 2022 Tech Award.

I'd also like to draw your attention to a new feature in the signature which allows you to book an appointment if you would like to chat about an aspect of our BTEC Business and Enterprise qualifications.

Key dates:

18 August: Level 3 results day (BTEC Nationals)

25 August: Level 2 results day (Tech Awards, BTEC Firsts)

7 September: BTEC Awards 2022 ceremony (rescheduled)

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Preparing your Edexcel Online account settings for results day

You may wish to check your access rights in your Edexcel Online account so that you can access the information you need on results days.

Results files and their contents are confidential to the Head of Centre, examinations office staff and senior members of the teaching staff at the centre. Therefore, the Edexcel Online ‘Results’ profile is only granted to these roles, as it allows access to results files on Wednesday results days.

To help you analyse your learners' performance in the externally assessed units, please ask to be given ResultsPlus access. For Unit 3 this allows you look at each question in turn to see how your learners achieved.  For the set tasks (units 2, 6 and 7) you can get a breakdown of the marks awarded to each Assessment Focus.

You may also wish to ask your Exams Officer to tick 'Exam viewer' in your Edexcel Online profile in case you want to download Unit 3 scripts from results day (having obtained the candidates' consent first).

This page explains which Edexcel Online account options you should have.

BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise (2022)

From September 2022:

  • Learners who plan to certificate in summer 2023 can continue to be registered onto the current qualification.
  • Learners who plan to certificate in 2024 onwards will need to be registered on the new 2022 version of the qualification.

The Student Book samples give you an overview of the various learning features and will help you when planning. The full contents list, can be used to plan out how learning can be spread over your lessons!

The Pearson Revise BTEC samples give you a feel for how the revision resources can help learners prepare for their external assessments.

Download the samples

Sample Component 3 papers for the new (2022) Tech Award are now available to download.

View the sample


We also have a pre-ordering service so that resources can be sent to you as soon as they are published.

See what is available


The provisional dates for 2022-2023 registrations, entries and moderation of PSAs are now available in the document below.

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The new Tech Awards (first teach Sept 2022) require a different approach to quality assurance. This includes new moderation processes for internal assessments, and a streamlined approach to BTEC Quality Assurance principles which will greatly reduce administration.

Check out the Quality Assurance quick guide, and our full Centre Guide to Quality Assurance for all the details.

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We also have a range of bitesize videos available in the BTEC Tech Awards 2022 section on our Quality Assurance webpage covering:

  • Introduction to Quality Assurance
  • Completing the Assessment Record
  • Guide to applying Mark Schemes
  • Moderation Process

We have also created a new Tech Award Assessment Record template that can be found via our 'BTEC assessment and IV templates' link below.

Go to the BTEC Assessment and IV templates page

The 2022 Tech Awards FAQs page is now live.

Go to the FAQ page.



BTEC Assessment  

Pearson will set grade boundaries at unit level for external assessments (internal assessments are criteria-referenced, and centres will be awarding grades, with Pearson verifying those grades).

A range of qualitative (review of learner responses) and quantitative evidence will be used to ensure that there is fairness, validity and robustness in the grade boundaries set in the external assessments.

Part of the evidence, when we set grade boundaries for summer 2022, will be looking at how all the individual unit grades contribute towards a final qualification grade.

Learners will have a range of unit grades, which may include banked unit teacher assessed grades from last academic year. Reviewing how all of these come together to form the qualification grade, may mean that the summer 2022 unit-level grade boundaries are not too different from when exams were last sat.  

Last month, Ofqual confirmed the subject content and assessment arrangements for qualifications in the following academic year (2022/23).

They confirmed that:

“For other qualifications, including vocational and technical qualifications taught alongside or instead of GCSEs, AS and A levels, a range of adaptations were permitted in academic year 2021 to 2022. […] Given that public health restrictions are no longer in place, these adaptations are no longer necessary for the academic year 2022 to 2023 onwards.”

This means our main adaptation of streamlined assessment will not be available in 2022/23, so you should plan to teach and assess the BTEC qualifications as normal.

Ofqual: Subject content and assessment arrangements 2022 to 2023

Any feedback on these provisional timetables should be sent to timetables@pearson.com.



The future of Level 3

As part of the Level 3 Vocational Qualification reform, we would like to invite you to help influence the next generation of BTEC Nationals.

We want to ensure that we capture the teacher and learner voice in our qualifications and support materials. If you are interested in participating, please complete the following Microsoft Form and we will be in contact shortly.

Complete the form

The Higher Education Policy Institute (www.hepi.ac.uk) has published a new paper, Holding Talent Back? What is next for the future of Level 3?

11 different authors consider the Westminster Government’s controversial reforms to Level 3 qualifications, including BTECs.

The Government has confirmed that many Applied General qualifications can continue to play a role in the Level 3 landscape, with ‘significantly less than half’ defunded. The Rt Hon. the Lord (David) Willetts suggests in his Foreword that the issue is which qualifications ‘will survive [by the end of all these reforms] and how many students will be able to study them.’

Collectively, the chapters argue that England risks closing off a useful and proven route for students from a wide range of backgrounds, including those hoping to reach higher education.

The authors also argue that the new T Levels, which are designed to sit place alongside A Levels, are welcome but still need to prove themselves. The report argues their success should not rest on shutting off tried-and-tested options that are popular with employers, higher education institutions and students.

In November 2021, the Secretary of State for Education, announced that the original implementation timetable will be set back by one year.

This means that the phased removal of funding for BTECs that overlap with T Levels, and the phased introduction of the new Level 3 ‘Academic’ and ‘Technical’ qualifications will start from 2024/25 rather than 2023/24.

Please be reassured that

  • you can continue to teach your BTECs with confidence in 2022/23 and 2023/24 and only some BTEC qualifications will be affected in 2024/25
  • learners will be funded until completion for any courses they start.

We are working through the implications for each of our BTEC qualifications in all sector suites and we will update all our centres where there are any changes to content, availability, and funding for BTECs.

Business qualifications are in Waves 3 and 4 and will not be affected until 2025/26.

You can find out more in the document below.



#Be in Business lesson packs

Be In Business 2

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As part of our work to support a greater engagement with the study of Business and Enterprise, we have produced, in partnership with teachers, a bank of optional lessons and resources that we believe will support teachers in introducing a wide range of concepts into their teaching of the subject. This not only includes the challenges experienced by specific groups of people in our society aiming to progress in their careers in business and enterprise, but also around opportunities for students to reflect on their own opportunities within the subject. This includes materials looking at self reflection, finding a Unique Selling Point, creating a side hustle, being an entrepreneur, and how to set up a formal company. Each lesson includes contextual challenges faced by different people, examples of how we can overcome these, and lessons learnt from people successful in the industry. For each topic there is a lesson powerpoint, handout, and videos either embedded into the materials or providing external links. The structure of each lesson, and their support notes should help you as teacher to deliver each lesson, or you are free to edit these to your own use.

This lesson pack provides a framework and toolkit for students to recognise skills they already have in Business and how to identify and develop skills for the future.

Specification link:

  • Tech Award, Component 1 Topic A4.

This lesson pack investigates modern avenues and approaches into business and how entrepreneurs have captured new markers and built dynamic offers from the ground up.

Specification links:

  • Tech Award, Component 1 Topic A1.
  • Tech Award, Component 2 Topic A1

This lesson pack explores the stages of setting up a business including key elements such as licensing and costs. It also explores some of the challenges faced by people in business from different backgrounds and case studies of how those challenges were overcome.

Specification links:

  • Tech Award, Component 1 Topic A3
  • Tech Award, Component 1 Topic C2
  • Tech Award, Component 2 Topic A2
  • Tech Award, Component 3 Topic A4
  • Tech Award, Component 3 Topic B3
  • Tech Award, Component 3 Topic C5

This lesson pack invites students to look at how an individual’s experiences and background can form the basis of unique and innovative businesses.

Specification links:

  • Tech Award, Component 2 Topic A1

This lesson pack introduces students to recruitment and current best practice on inclusive and representative HR approaches for hiring.

Specification link:

  • BTEC National, Unit 8


2022 Enterprise spec

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Level 1/2

Level 3 BTEC Nationals in Buisness

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Level 3


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