February 2023 BTEC Business update

1 February 2023

Welcome to this February update!

There are a couple of new pages to bring to your attention for potential bookmarking: the 2022-2023 teaching, learning and assessment page; and the 2022 Tech Award Support Index.  Both pages will be updated as new information becomes available so worth checking regularly.

The impact of the Level 3 reforms on BTEC qualifications in general and on Business in particular is very much in the news and we will be sharing what we know in the events listed below.

The standards verification timeline has been added in addition to the key dates.

At the top of the update is the link to sign up to the March webinar in the Peter Jones Foundation webinar series called 'Igniting Enterprise'.

I hope that you will be able to enjoy the half-term break later this month.

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PJF March 2023

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Key dates

Date Event
6 February 2023 Release of Tech Award (2022) PSAs
8 February 2023 Level 3 Reforms update at 3pm
8 February 2023 Tech Award (2022) marking training at 4pm
8 February 2023 Colour Accounting drop-in at 4.30pm
21 February 2023 Component entry deadline for Tech Awards (2022)
2 March 2023 Igniting Enterprise webinar - Emma Streeting
23 March 2023 Results Day for BTEC Firsts and Nationals (January series)
23 March 2023 Entry deadline for BTEC May/June external assessments (BTEC Firsts, Tech Awards and Nationals)
31 March 2023 Learners who sat BTEC assessments in the January 2023 series (BTEC Firsts and Nationals) can be re-entered for June exams after January results have been issued, and no late fees will be charged. The entry deadline for these learners is 31 March
6 April 2023 Results Day for Tech Award Component 3
14 April 2023 Learners who sat BTEC assessments in the February 2023 series (Tech Award) can be re-entered for June exams after February results have been issued, and no late fees will be charged. The entry deadline for these learners is 14 April
15 May 2023 First sample to SV
5 July 2023 Claiming deadline: for all students expecting a result following the release of May/June 2023 external examination results.
17 August 2023 BTEC Level 3 results released to learners
24 August 2023 BTEC Level 2 results released to learners



Exam times May/June 2023




Teaching, learning and assessment 2022-2023

The teaching, learning and assessment page for 2022-23 will keep you up to date with the latest news and information to support you delivering BTEC qualifications. 




Standards Verification

The BTEC Centre Guide to Standards verification includes information about

  • the allocation of a Standards Verifier
  • the BTEC Standards Verification Control Measures
  • how sampling works and sample sizes
  • accessing the SV report
  • claiming Grades Post-Standards Verification

The key dates are provided below.

SV timeline

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A chance for you to hear the latest updates for the L3 reforms and an opportunity to give your input to and to ask questions about the initial stages.  This event covers the L3 Nationals in Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, and Marketing, and will provide you with the opportunity to join a more bespoke community group for each qualification as it is developed.

08 February 2023 at 15:00 - 16:00 GMT

Register for the event

During this session, you learn how to apply a 'best fit' approach to marking your learner's work in response to the Pearson Set Assignments for internally assessed components.

The marking grids will be applied to standardised examples of learner work to enhance your understanding of how learner evidence meets the criteria.

You will get a full overview of the moderation process, including preparation and submission of learner work through Learner Work Transfer (LWT) on Edexcel Online, moderator feedback and amending marks.

We will provide delegates with examples of marked learner work in advance of the session alongside a short survey to complete. Delegates should review these materials in advance of the session to best prepare themselves to enter into focused discussions on the assessment of the new Tech Award qualification.

Learning Aims:

- Learn how to apply the new marking grids, record marks and provide learner feedback

- Understand how different characteristics of learner work meet marking criteria at different mark bands

- Gain an overview of the moderation process

- Prepare for submitting marks and samples of learner work for moderation

This event can count as 2 Hours of CPD. Please be aware that this event will be recorded and shared publicly.

Go to the training page

On 10 January 2023 the DfE published the latest news about the reform of post-16 level 3 vocational qualifications in England. This event will provides you with an overview of these reforms, and what we know so far about what they will mean for you and your post-16 level 3 vocational curriculum. The reforms do mean that the qualifications landscape will change for you and your learners over the coming years. These events will be updated with further details as soon as we confirm which new qualifications we are developing, and we will be inviting all schools and colleges to get involved to inform these new developments. We will also provide you with all the support you need to make any changes necessary to your curriculum in the future as the result of these reforms.

  • 28 February 15.00-15-45
  • 2 March 15.00-15.45
  • 3 March 9.30-10.15

Please register on the training page and use the 'BTEC Nationals' filter to help you find the events.

Go to the training page

You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT, or maybe not . . .

It’s a free, open access advanced AI tool that can do all sorts of things. Most importantly, it will compose original essays for students and provide answers to numerical and text-based questions with explanations and justifications.

The implications for teaching and assessment can’t be overstated.

This free seminar with AI and accounting experts sorts hype from reality.

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2022 TA Enterprise

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Tech Award Level 1/2


Delivery support page

  • Admin
  • Delivery
  • Free resources
  • Paid-for resources

Assessment support page

  • Preparation for assessment
  • The internally assessed components (running and then assessing a PSA)
  • The externally assessed component
  • Calculating the final grade

This support page contains articles on:

  • Registration & Entry processes
  • Access Arrangements & Modified Papers
  • Internal Assessment & Learner Work Transfer (LWT)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Further Support
  • BTEC Tech Awards from 2022 Overview Video

The provisional dates for 2022-2023 registrations, entries and moderation of PSAs are now available in the document below.

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The 2022 Tech Awards FAQs page is now live.

Go to the FAQ page.



BTEC globe

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BTEC Nationals

This 30-minute session is an opportunity to pop in for a chat about the Teach Accounting with Confidence courses and materials. If you’ve used the materials or not, whether you’ve tried out the courses or not, please come along to talk to us and meet with other teachers.

We identified an error in 31588H Part B assessment that was sat on the morning of 16 January

Within the goals section of the case study issued for the Part B assessment yesterday, the text is included as follows:

3. Increase customer satisfaction to 70% by the end of 2026.

It should have read as:

3. Increase customer satisfaction by the end of 2026.

We apologise for any confusion that this may have caused. Candidates should have answered questions using the knowledge gained during their preparation in Part A and based on what is was provided in Part B.

In light of this, the mark scheme will accommodate any candidates that responded with consideration to the customer satisfaction data point and we can assure students that we have measures in place to ensure their performance on the assessment will not be impacted as a result.

Any possible impact will be analysed and resolved during the standardisation and marking process, and the subsequent awarding of grade boundaries of this unit. We will provide further reassurance within the Lead Examiner Report to centres.

Once again please accept our apologies for this issue.

The assessment format of Unit 2 (Developing a Marketing Campaign) changed from January 2022.

This unit (31489H) forms part of the external assessment on the

  • Level 3 BTEC Nationals in Business
  • Level 3 BTEC Nationals in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

This overview summarises the key changes.

The two resources for open evenings are:

  • BTEC Works
  • Routes  to Success

This Routes to Success page could be useful in informing conversations at open evenings and when discussing next steps with learners.

Visit Routes to success.

BTEC works is designed to help you have conversations with learners and parents about next steps.

Visit BTEC Works

As part of the Level 3 Vocational Qualification reforms we would like to invite you to help influence the next generation of BTEC Nationals. We want to ensure we capture the teacher and learner voice in our qualifications and support materials.

This is your opportunity to have your say and get involved.

The funding guides below for 16-19 year olds give you a comprehensive view of funding for 2022/23 – 2024/25. This will give you clarity on how the recent updates on funding for BTEC Level 3 affect your centre and learners.

These guides take us up to the cohort starting in September 2024.

Please note that the situation in England, Northern Ireland and Wales is not necessarily the same for all sectors so please do check the correct file.

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Publication of BTEC national results data 2021/22

The 2021-2022 grade statistics have now been published.



BTEC National in Sustainability

We are planning the development of a new BTEC National in Sustainability that will focus on environment, economy and society.

Read about Sustainability Education

This qualification will go beyond the science of major issues such as the climate and include sustainable economies. As such, we are looking for feedback from any teachers delivering business at Level 3.

If you are willing to participate, please email daniel.freaker@pearson.com




2022 Enterprise spec

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Level 1/2

Level 3 BTEC Nationals in Buisness

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Level 3


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