December 2023 BTEC Business update

30 November 2023

Welcome to this December 2023 update!

If you are interested in the Level 3 reforms, please join our briefing on 13 December for the latest news.

The Tech Award You Tube videos are now being used more widely.  Component 1 is now complete and we hope to add similar Component 2 videos in the new year.

I hope that the end of term goes well and that you can enjoy a restful break.

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Key dates

Date Event
13 December Level 3 Reforms update 3-4pm
15 December Deadline for mark submission and upload of learner work for sampled learners for Tech Award internally assessed components  
11 January Component 3 exam (Tech Award)
22 March Entry deadline for entries for Summer 2024 external examinations.
5 July Claiming deadline to make a full award claim, inputting all internal grades, for learners expecting a result following the release of May/June 2024 external examination results.
15 August Level 3 Results Day: release of Level 3 results to learners. 
22 August Level 2 Results Day: release of Level 2 results to learners.

2022 TA Enterprise

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Tech Award Level 1/2


The key dates for the Component 1 and 2 PSAs are in this file:

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The Component 3 key dates are:

Date Activity
17 October 2023 Entry deadline for January exam
11 January pm 2024 Exam
21 February 2024 Entry deadline for May exam
21 March 2024 Results day for January exam
8 May pm 2024 Exam
22 August 2024 Results day for May exam

  Entry code
Component 1 BEN01
Component 2 BEN02
Component 3 BEN03
Qualification cash-in code CEN01

The 2022 Tech Awards FAQs page is now live.

Go to the FAQ page

Delivery support page

  • Admin
  • Delivery
  • Free resources
  • Paid-for resources

Assessment support page

  • The internally assessed components 
  • The externally assessed component

Go to the assessment support page

BTEC Tech Award training page

Our new BTEC Tech Award training and resources page is where you can find all the live and on-demand training resources for Tech Awards.

The BTEC Bitesize BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise videos

Component 1

  • How to select appropriate ​enterprises Component 1
  • Component 1 Task 1a
  • Component 1 Task 1b
  • Component 1 Task 1 best practice
  • Component 1 Task 2
  • Component 1 Task 2 best practice
  • Component 1 Task 3a
  • Component 1 Task 3b
  • Component 1 Task 3 best practice
  • How to prepare learners to use their time effectively Component 1
  • Alternative evidence requirements for Components 1 and 2
Component 2
  • Exploring enterprise ideas for Component 2
  • Best practice for Component 2 Task 1
  • Best practice for Component 2 Task 2
  • Preparing learners to use time well Component 2 Task 1
  • How to prepare learners to use their time effectively during Component 2 Task 2
  • Presenting Component 2 Task 2
  • Overlaps in content between Components 1, 2 and 3

Use of learner work from previous PSA submissions for retakes

Learners can retake internally assessed components once, should they need or want to during their course. It is always in the best interests of the learner to be entered for assessment when teachers judge that they are ready to be assessed.

If learners are retaking internally assessed components, they must respond to the new PSA released for that series. Learners are permitted to adapt work from their initial sitting where it is appropriate. They can use the full allocated time, including monitored preparation where applicable, and if they choose to adapt work from their initial sitting, they will need to repurpose, build upon and/or amend their work to meet the new PSA. Learners should never be overly guided on how to improve their work, and if assistance is provided, this should be documented and considered during assessment.

For further information, centres should follow the JCQ Guidance, with particular attention paid to sections 2 and 17.

Updated: assessment record template for the Tech Awards

We now have updated the assessment record template for the BTEC Tech Awards (2022).

Exemplar Standardisation Materials

Exemplar Standardisation Materials based on work produced for PSAs is now availale for both components..

Please use the zip files dated 2023.

Component 3, the terminal requirement

The terminal assessment rule requires learners to take the external assessment at the end of their qualification (when the learner is due to certificate). This means that learners must sit internal component assessments either prior to or in the same series as the external assessment to fulfil this terminal rule. If a learner chooses to retake an internal assessment in a series after they sat the terminal external assessment, they will also need to resit the external component to satisfy the terminal rule. Learners are allowed one resit of the external assessment within the programme.

Therefore, if Component 3 is entered in January, Components 1 and 2 will already have to have been completed. 

This flow chart helps to explain different scenarios:

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Claiming certification

You will submit certification claims for the new BTEC Tech Award during the series in which learners are sitting their terminal external assessment. You will do this using the cash-in code for this qualification, CEN01.

You can make certification claims during the normal entry window for the assessment series. If you have a learner who sits their terminal assessment in January and is happy with their result, you will be able to submit a late claim following the release of January results. However, if a learner is not happy with their results and intends to resit in the May/June series, you may choose to delay claiming until making their resit entry.

BTEC Nationals

Starting from the January series, you will upload learner work for BTEC set tasks using our Learner Work Transfer (LWT) portal. This will offer increased data protection and security for your learners’ work. We will be in touch with all customers who will need to use learner work transfer to ensure you have access to the system and receive support from us to upload your learner work successfully.

To prepare for the transition to LWT, all colleagues in your school or college who are involved in the upload of learner work should have an Edexcel Online account.

The BTEC National specifications have been revised for the 2023-2024 academic year.

There is a list at the front of each specification with a notification of the changes.

The BTEC Works site can help with recruitment of learners.

Free student livestreams on a variety of Unit 3 topics start on Monday 25 September at 18.00 and continue on subsequent Mondays until the end of November.

The Level 3 Reforms

BTEC globe

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This event will provide you with the latest information on developments around the reforms at Level 3. It will also provide an opportunity to get your views and insight to help us shape our qualification(s) and support offer in ways that best meet you and your learners’ needs. The session will be managed by the sector team leading on the redevelopment of our qualifications at Level 3 and will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions. This event and the qualifications covered are for UK centres only.

In light of the BTEC Business and other VQ Business, Enterprise, Marketing qualifications being withdrawn in 2026, we would like to understand what your portfolio of curriculum may look like and would appreciate your feedback in order to steer our thinking and development. Many thanks for taking the time to complete this.

This page provides an overview of the reforms and will be updated as and when new information becomes available.

The funding checklists below for 16-19 year olds give you a comprehensive view of funding  which takes us up to the cohort starting in 2025.

This will give you clarity on how the recent updates on funding for BTEC Level 3 affect your centre and learners.

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As part of the Level 3 Vocational Qualification reforms we would like to invite you to help influence the next generation of BTEC Nationals. We want to ensure we capture the teacher and learner voice in our qualifications and support materials.

This is your opportunity to have your say and get involved.

BTEC Assessment 2023

There is an updated version of the Assessment Record template for BTEC Entry – Level 3, these can be accessed on the BTEC forms and guides webpage.

This template now includes an updated authenticity declaration to include acknowledgement of any use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. This form is provided for immediate use.

AI declaration

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If you design and use your own Assessment Record, please ensure this is updated to replicate the authenticity statement in our template/s.

Centres delivering qualifications covered by BTEC quality assurance must register a lead internal verifier (LIV) for each programme. LIVs must then complete standardisation, the deadline for which was 14 October. As the deadline is now passed it is essential that this is completed and submitted as soon as possible. See the BTEC Centre Guide for Lead Internal Verifiers 2023 - 2024 for support.

The 2023-2024 Centre Guides have all been uploaded.

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The grade statistics for BTEC qualifications are published in late October/early November on the grade statistics page of the website.

These statistics can be used for benchmarking purposes. Please note that in line with all qualifications, learner achievement is reported at qualification level and not at unit level.

What to teach?

Here the answer is simple.  Please teach all of the specification content.

What to assess?

The BTEC Centre Guide to Internal Assessment states:

Do Assignment Briefs need to cover all unit/component content?

No. Your assignment brief needs to cover just what is being assessed so no need to include the entire unit content.

All unit/component content needs to be taught, where relevant, to provide learners with the breadth and depth to their studies. There is no formula for how much content needs to be assessed.

The amount of content the learner will need to refer to will depend on the specific requirements of the actual assignment and the requirements of the assessment criteria and associated assessment guidance which can sometimes prescribe which areas of the unit/component content needs to be assessed.

Section 6 of the BTEC National specifications includes the following:

As assignments provide a final assessment, they will draw on the specified range of teaching content for the learning aims. The specified content is compulsory. The evidence for assessment need not cover every aspect of the teaching content as learners will normally be given particular examples, case studies or contexts in their assignments. For example, if a learner is carrying out one practical performance, or an investigation of one organisation, then they will address all the relevant range of content that applies in that instance.

On 28 March, JCQ released a document which provides teachers and assessors with the information they need to manage use of AI in assessments. This guidance applies to all our qualifications including vocational qualifications.

Important points to note:

  • centres should explain the importance of students submitting their own independent work
  • centres should ensure that teachers and assessors are familiar with AI tools and their risks
  • centres should consider communications with parents/carers to make them aware of AI
  • students must acknowledge use of AI when used
  • misuse of AI tools is malpractice.

Within the document, there is a list of potential indicators of AI use that may help identify work where students have misused AI.

Please do take a look at this guidance.


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2022 Enterprise spec

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Level 1/2

Level 3 BTEC Nationals in Buisness

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Level 3


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