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Thu Apr 26 06:00:00 UTC 2018

The EBEA is the professional subject association for teachers of business, economics and enterprise. This update outlines some of the benefits of EBEA membership.

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EBEA membership benefits

EBEA members are part of a network of subject specialists sharing information, ideas and best practice. Members receive:

• a monthly e-newsletter with alerts to all the latest developments
• a termly copy of the EBEA journal – Teaching Business and Economics. This is packed with research informed teaching ideas and news of important developments impacting on business and economics teaching.
• access to local network meetings where members can discuss common issues and opportunities
• an opportunity to meet and learn from key figures in our field at the association’s annual conference.

“I am extremely grateful to my subject association, the EBEA. The opportunities it has given me to gain valuable experience have been instrumental in advancing my career and enabling me to reach the privileged position I occupy within our subject. I would especially encourage young teachers to join and get involved. Your investment of time and energy will be a worthwhile investment in career development”.

Adrian Lyons, Her Majesty's Inspector
National Lead for Economics, Business and Enterprise

Membership comes with ‘Fellowship’ status and constitutes performance management evidence you are keeping up to date with best practice. As a member of the EBEA you quickly develop a deeper understanding of issues ranging from enterprise to employability.

The EBEA helps business and economics teachers establish what is, and what is not, ‘research-informed practice’ relevant to business, economics and enterprise. Membership of the EBEA provides opportunities for teachers to network with other expert teachers, academics and teacher trainers to identify truly evidence based approaches.

The EBEA is also important in the advocacy work it does helping business and economics teachers have a say in the issues affecting our future: the role of business and economics in the curriculum, teacher training, CPD and recruitment, developing employability skills and what all young people should learn about the economy. Membership of the EBEA will mean you are not just better informed about these issues but may also have an opportunity to represent the association in consultations with the DfE, Ofqual, Ofsted and assessment bodies and make an impact.

The EBEA can help you stay innovative as you benefit from a drip-feed of great teaching ideas to support your continuous improvement from colleagues across a range of subjects and levels. You can also get early warning of issues on the horizon so you can plan how to grasp opportunities for your subjects and department. Be at least as informed about issues as your senior leaders and stay one step ahead.

There are two ways to become a member of the EBEA. An individual membership costs just £65 per annum and entitles you to ‘Fellowship’ status. Alternatively, your centre can take out an institutional membership at a cost of £120 per annum. This entitles teachers in the department to two departmental copies of the journal, their own e-newsletter and both individual ‘Fellowship’ status on application and centre accreditation from the EBEA for up to date practice.

To find out more about the EBEA please go to www.ebea.org.uk


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