LCCI Newsletter December 2020

9 December 2020

Pearson LCCI Level 3 Computerised Accounting Skills (ASE20055)

This on-demand qualification is being withdrawn and has a final assessment date of 31 December 2021. At present, this qualification will not be replaced.

As this qualification is a core component for the Level 3 Diploma in Computerised Accounting, please ensure that if you would like to claim for this Diploma, you must have taken this exam by 31 December 2021. The normal 24-month period to claim a Diploma will still apply.

For further details regarding diplomas, please see the LCCI Information Manual.

Useful documents

We recently updated and published the following documents:

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Pearson LCCI Level 3 Advanced Business Calculations (ASE3003)

There has been a minor change in the way candidates answer the exam. Previously candidates used a separate answer booklet, but this has now been replaced by inline question and answer booklet with effect from November 2020 exam.

Please be assured that there is no disadvantage to candidates.

Answering directly into the question paper brings this in line with the rest of the suite.

Upcoming training

We are offering a number of training sessions to help you better deliver Pearson qualifications. Find out how to improve student performance outcomes or learn about key words used in assessment. 

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Pearson LCCI Level 2 Business Statistics (ASE20108)

The Sample Assessment Materials for this qualification previously stated that the exam duration is 3 hours, however, this is incorrect.

The correct exam duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes and we amended the SAM document to reflect this.

Download the documents

What to do after an LCCI qualification?

We are proud that our LCCI qualifications offer a range of options to learners once they complete their studies. Visit our website to explore all agreed Professional Body recognition and exemptions for the LCCI suites.

ICAEW have confirmed that the current LCCI exemptions will also apply for 2021. As the Pearson LCCI Level 3 Certificate in Cost and Management Accounting qualification has been updated, and the first assessment for the new qualification is from April 2021, students who complete either qualification in 2021 will be eligible for the relevant exemption.

Information on progression with LCCI

Pearson LCCI Level 2 Cost Accounting and Level 3 Cost and Management Accounting

As a reminder, the legacy versions for Level 2 Cost Accounting (ASE20094) and Level 3 Cost and Management Accounting (ASE20098) have a final assessment date of April 2021.

The revised versions for Level 2 Cost Accounting (ASE20110) and Level 3 Cost and Management Accounting (ASE20111) have a first assessment date of April 2021.

Please note the specifications are not new and have minimal content changes; it is the assessment style and structure that has changed for the two qualifications.

We have published a summary of changes document between the legacy and revised versions of the syllabus, along with the specification and SAMs.

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