Pearson EDI qualification certification end dates to be extended

19 December 2014

To allow your learners adequate time to complete their programmes, we are pleased to announce that we will be extending the certification end dates of Pearson EDI qualifications as follows:

  • Functional Skills (all levels): 31 December 2016 (previously 30 April 2015)
  • Entry Level to Level 2 qualifications: 30 September 2016 (previously 30 September 2015)
  • Level 3 and above qualifications: 31 December 2016 (previously 31 December 2015).

We still intend, as previously advertised, to close Pearson EDI qualifications to new registrations by 31 January 2015.

For further announcements relating to EDI integration, please monitor this Latest Updates page and subscribe for email updates.


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