Last assessment dates for Pearson EDI qualifications | Pearson qualifications

Last assessment dates for Pearson EDI qualifications

30 March 2016

As registrations for all Pearson EDI qualifications both regulated and non-regulated are now closed, we wanted to remind you that you must ensure that all learners have completed the qualifications and are ready for certification of the qualification by the following dates.

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Level Certification end date

Level 2 and below

30 September 2016

Level 3 and Functional Skills

31 December 2016

It is therefore important that all your learners' work is completed, and assessments taken for these qualifications, before the last certification date;
At this point the Pearson EDI brand will be completely withdrawn, and no further certifications of the qualifications will be allowed after this date. Please note that we will be unable, under any circumstances, to make any exceptions to the last assessment and certification dates.

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