Operational end date for Pearson EDI qualifications extended to 31 January 2015

23 June 2014

We are pleased to confirm that Ofqual have agreed to extend the operational end (last registration date) of Pearson EDI qualifications.

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The last registration date is now 31 January 2015 for all qualifications.

We have asked for more time for testing before we launch the new system in order to ensure it meets your needs and improves the experience of registering new learners.

We've also considered feedback from our centres, who are preparing for the withdrawal of Pearson EDI qualifications, alongside a number of other factors, including ensuring we have the fullest support in place for centres when they transition their qualifications.

We will continue to work with centres to ascertain the best time to switch to Pearson provision, however, should centres wish to, they will be able to register new candidates on EDI qualifications up to the last registration date.

In the coming weeks and months, our priority will be to provide support on the specific topics centres have raised with us during recent network events.

We encourage centre staff to register for our regular updates so that we can contact them directly to support them through the transition. EDI customers can also contact Account Services or their Account Managers.

Extension to EDI operational end date - FAQs

Why have you requested a change in the last registration date?

We recognise that the change from Pearson EDI provision will affect not just teaching and administrative staff, but also those working in supporting functions such as quality assurance, and will often vary depending upon the type of programme or subject.

Given the number of areas impacted, we recognise that some centres need more time to prepare, and to ensure that nobody is disadvantaged, we have requested this extension from Ofqual. This also gives us the opportunity to make sure that we have the fullest support in place to support centres making this transition with us.

What support can I expect to prepare my colleagues?

We are working on step-by-step guides to all policies, processes and systems which will be affected by the transition. We will publish these on the EDI support hub as soon as they are available.

We encourage centre staff to register for updates so that we can contact them directly about the issues which will affect them.

Will Pearson EDI qualifications continue to be funded?

We are currently in discussions with the SFA as to the best way to ensure continued funding and will update you further as soon as we have confirmation on this.

Do I still need to buy EDI credits?

For the time being, Pearson EDI qualifications will continue to be administered through Campus, and therefore the existing credit-based system will continue.

My annual EDI centre approval fee is due soon - will I need to pay for another year?

No. We will waive annual centre approval fees for any centre whose due date falls on or after 1 August.

Any centre approval fees charged prior to 31 July 2014 will be credited for the proportion relating to post 1 August 2014.

Can I move to Pearson provision before the operational end date of Pearson EDI qualifications?

We will work closely with centres to determine the most convenient date for transition. If you are well advanced in your planning and believe you are able to transition early, please discuss this with your Account Manager.  

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